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create a better business environment for the creation of customers, so that entrepreneurship is easier, has been the NPC deputies, founder and chairman of the morning group Jiang Ming opinion. If there are more people so concerned about the survival of those who believe that the business environment to provide entrepreneurs who will become better and better.

in the public venture, the highly innovative tide, entrepreneurs how to do? The National People’s Congress, the dawn of the group’s founder and chairman Jiang Ming’s choice, as a passenger service hit off, provide opportunities, setting the stage for the thousands on thousands of hit off, make business easier and help creating more successful. read more

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水瓶博物馆会弹出作为莱斯特喜剧节的一部分。图片:热水瓶博物馆 read more

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for many entrepreneurs, the relevant business strategy is very much, however, for the beginning of the purchase is almost no understanding, leading to the entire clothing store business is very difficult. In fact, the purchase of clothing stores also have skills to speak of. So, the clothing store to purchase what skills? Let me see small series of.

(1) to capture customer needs

as a clothing store owner you can through the following survey method to obtain market information: select a representative group of residents, as a long-term contact; making work manual, should consciously put the customer on clothing reflect the views recorded, then put these opinions, reflect to the relevant departments to establish stock; register of customer needs but no commercial registration, and as one of the basis of purchase and replenishment. read more

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Xining City Bureau of Education organized some occupation schools and ordinary high school and middle school, primary school and preschool education teachers, principals, representatives of academic leaders held a symposium to study and implement the spirit of Education Conference in Xining, listen to the principal teachers understanding of the spirit of the meeting some of the ideas and thinking and understanding in the future implementation of the further the unity of thinking, raise awareness read more

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Guangdong, Zhanjiang, a man drove a car loaded with half a ton of money to buy a car in the 4S shop, so that employees in the store was scared silly. The largest denomination of these notes is only one yuan, with a total value of about 80 thousand yuan.

11 PM, Zhanjiang citizen Mr. Cai drove a truck full of cash to the 4S shop, on the spot for the purchase of a van, the store sales are instantly collective dumbfounded. "I’ve never seen so much money in my life." Sales Manager Gu Liyuan laments. With the help of several assistants, Mr. Cai moved the more than and 10 boxes of money to the store one by one. The "money" with a rope tied to the batch, there are 1 angles and 2 angles and 5 angle, the largest denomination is 1 yuan, in addition to batch of big and small coins, a total of about 80 thousand yuan, the entire store exudes the smell of money". read more

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electronic commerce has greatly accelerated the dream bazaar of supply chain management. Wu Weihong photo

editor’s note to the surging business era, a number of traditional manufacturing enterprises, seize the opportunity, take advantage of the sense of smell. These manufacturing enterprises not only become Guangdong. Development of electronic commerce, it is a strong industrial base in Guangdong the development of electronic commerce. Today, the Nanfang Daily will launch a series of reports on "Guangdong enterprise net story", a group of mining industry, the traditional enterprise e-commerce applications to explore consumer market work experience and practice mode within the province, please note. read more

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