Metasoft Creates New Job Opportunities in Nova Scotia

first_imgMetasoft Systems, a software services firm based in Vancouver, B.C., will tap into Nova Scotia’s talented labour force by bringing its client sales operations to Halifax. The move was announced today, Aug. 25, by Economic Development Minister Ernest Fage; Metasoft president Trevor Skillen; Metasoft general sales manager Cornelia Butler; and Stephen Lund, president and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI). “Metasoft’s arrival in Nova Scotia is another example of the effort underway to create new opportunities to retain our well-trained and highly skilled workers,” said Mr. Fage. “I am pleased to note that Metasoft’s management team members have indicated that they believe the sales positions will be an especially good fit for mature, female sales professionals who may be looking to return to the workforce.” NSBI will provide Metasoft with a performance-based payroll rebate of up to $440,000, over five years, for up to 75 new full-time positions at the company’s Halifax location. The company’s earned rebate will be paid out annually once the jobs have been put in place. NSBI’s CEO said Metasoft’s growing presence in Nova Scotia is another endorsement of the province’s strong business case for companies seeking a model environment for software development and service operations. “Metasoft joins a growing list of software solution-based companies that have recognized the strength of a Nova Scotia operation,” said Mr. Lund. “In addition to the new job opportunities that will result for Nova Scotians, Metasoft’s Halifax operation helps encourage other firms to look at the compelling value of this location.” “Nova Scotia has a wealth of educated, highly skilled sales professionals. Our goal is to attract those quality people,” said Ms. Butler. “Nova Scotia’s competitive business climate is exactly the right environment to meet our needs. We believe that Nova Scotia is an ideal location from which to serve both our North American and European markets.” Founded in 1988, Metasoft is a software development firm that has been recognized by the Financial Post as a Top 300 Canadian independent software company, growing at a rate of 40 per cent per year. Its fundraising division, BIG Online, provides an online, searchable database of corporate, foundation, and government grant-making information to non-profit fundraisers throughout North America, the UK and Australia. Metasoft’s many customers include Doctors Without Borders, World Vision, the United Nations, and the World Wildlife Fund. Metasoft donates five per cent of its pre-tax profits — in the form of money, time and other resources — to further good causes. “Metasoft’s core mission,” said Mr. Skillen, “is to help non-profit organizations worldwide efficiently identify, attract and manage the relationships and resources vital to the fulfilment of their philanthropic goals.” Nova Scotia Business Inc. is the business development agency for Nova Scotia. Led by a private-sector board of directors, it is the investment attraction arm of the province and helps companies in Nova Scotia meet their growth potential through business advisory, export development and financing services. Nova Scotians interested in applying for jobs should contact Cornelia Butler at 1-888-638-2763 (toll-free) or, by e-mail, at .last_img

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