Kerala govt schools show increased number of admissions: Here’s what our public schools can learn

first_imgPublic schools of Kerela are changing common notions of people which say government schools cannot attract students like private schools can.Notwithstanding government initiatives and schemes taken to improve the quality of education and increase the literacy levels in India, there hasn’t been a significant increase in the number of enrollments as far as government-run schools are concerned.Kerela sees the highest rise in public schools admissions in 25 yearsIn a record of sorts, Kerela saw a rise in over 40,000 students registering in public schools this year, taking the numbers up to 1.8 lakh, which is a first in 25 years. This is according to the data released last week by the Kerela education department.Until 2016, as many as 5,715 public schools were functioning without adequate student strength which was worrying as it could lead to the closure of several schools.What did the Kerala government schools do to bring this change?A welcome change was brought about with the launch of the general education protection campaign on January 27, 2017, by the Kerala education department. The campaign which relied on public participation to increase student admission in public schools saw people taking a pledge to protect the schoolsThe government meanwhile focused on improving the infrastructure and sanctioned up to 5 crores to each school. Classrooms were to be converted to hi-tech classes with the setting up of digital projector, screen, laptop and internet connectivity. Of these, 149 schools were chosen to be developed as centres of excellenceAnother factor was the starting of English medium classes in primarily Malayam medium public schools which has revived the interest of parents in sending their children to public schools, as English language is seen a necessity in today’s education systemadvertisementEncouraged by the success of their campaign, the education department is taking it forward. They will spend another 10 crores towards setting up of libraries in 9,600 classrooms in 866 upper-primary schools and strengthen existing libraries in 1,225 high schoolsPromoting interest in cultural activities among students is also a part of the plan. Classical dance training programme and centres for sports art and culture will soon come up at district level as per the new initiatives by the education department to give opportunities to for nurturing talent outside of academics.Other states need to follow Kerala’s exampleThe rest of India is still struggling with their public schools to bring them at par with private run schools. A 2017 study found that govt schools lost around 13 million students while private schools gained 17 million.The dismal conditions of our govt schools fail to instill confidence among parents and students who favour the private schools for their better infrastructure and facilities.At the primary level, 58.7 per cent of Indians cite better environment for learning as a major factor for opting for private schools, IndiaSpend reported in May 2016.Kendra Vidyalayas are the only schools set up by the govt that follows certain standards but they too face a high level of drop-outs.Government initiatives such as the Sarva Shiksha Abhigyan to be completely successful requires the primary centre of learning — the schools to be better managed with all facilities available for students so that they look forward to coming back every day.The success of the Kerela campaign can be seen as an exemplary attempt by their education department which should motivate other states to improve their education system in the coming times.Read: This Kerala school granted period leaves more than 100 years ago!Read: Education model of Kerala has garnered world attention, says CMlast_img

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