I hope to defend my WWE Championship on Indian soil: Jinder Mahal to India Today

first_imgJinder Mahal is all set to take on Japanese Shinsuke Nakamura in the SummerSlam to retain his WWE Championship in New York but expressed his desire to come to India with his WWE Championship and defend the title in his home country.Nakamura trumped John Cena to book his place in the WWE Championship match against Mahal at SummerSlam.Mahal became the WWE Champion beating Randy Orton at Backlash on May 21, thus becoming the first WWE Champion of Indian descent. Orton later invoked his rematch clause for Money in the Bank on June 18, where Mahal defeated Orton once again. When Orton asked for a rematch once again, SmackDown organiser Shane McMahon granted Orton his wish on the condition that Mahal would choose the stipulation. Mahal chose the Punjabi Prison match and The Great Khali made a comeback to help Mahal retain his title.Mahal has had quite a journey on the show and remains unbeaten against John Cena even though he hasn’t beaten him either.IndiaToday.in caught up with the WWE Champion and Mahal spoke about his SummerSlam strategy, his wish to defend his WWE title on Indian soil and much more.The #ModernDayMaharaja @JinderMahal defends his title against @ShinsukeN THIS SUNDAY when #SummerSlam streams LIVE on @WWENetwork! pic.twitter.com/jZms7MaE91- WWE (@WWE) August 17, 2017Here are the excerpts:Q: How does it feel to still hold the WWE Championship after some intense matches?A: It’s a huge honour. I grew up idiolising the WWE superstars, wanting to be the WWE Champion. It’s a huge honour to be representing India, WWE and of course, my fans.advertisementHappy Independence Day India. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate than beating John Cena? https://t.co/ayUbHnnSAZ- The Maharaja (@JinderMahal) August 15, 2017Q: You beat Randy Orton yet again in the Punjabi Prison match and the involvement of The Great Khali was surprising. How did you manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat?A: See it’s like you choose the Punjabi Prison match and since it was my turn, I chose it because there is no disqualification, no count out. (chuckles) So I used the rules to my advantage. I called The Great Khali to watch my back and he came to help me and I won. Great Khali is like my older brother, we have a very close relationship and we talk all the time. He’s someone I get advice from and he was the World Heavyweight Champion and I admire him. He’s someone I aspire to be like and I want to follow in his footsteps.Q: You fought the 16-time world champion John Cena in this week’s SmackDown. How differently did you prepare for that match compared to a match against Orton?A: Yes I had the pleasure of taking John Cena last night (Tuesday) and it was definitely one of the biggest match of my career. I actually didn’t have much time to prepare because they announced the match just a day before so I did everything to think about. Even Corbin tried to cash on in and everything unexpected was happening but luckily I walked out still the WWE Champion and remained undefeated against John Cena. And yes I look forward to taking on John Cena again and ultimately beating him.Part II pic.twitter.com/Zg3TqOkWAP- The Maharaja (@JinderMahal) June 16, 2017Get a glimpse of the #ModernDayMaharaja training for my match at #WWEMITB , for when I retain my WWE Championship against @RandyOrton @WWE pic.twitter.com/MXeVg3SUPC- The Maharaja (@JinderMahal) June 15, 2017Q: What went through you when Baron Corbin cashed in on his Money on the Bank contract and you had to fight instantly to retain your Championship?A: I was really worried. For a while I didn’t know what was going on but when they announced that Corbin is cashing in on his Money in the Bank, I did panic a bit because I didn’t have the Singh Brothers on my side and I was worried that this was a very opportune time for Corbin while I was down. But fortunately for me I was able to hold on and since Corbin no longer holds that contract, it’s a huge relief for me.THIS. JUST. HAPPENED. #SDLive @BaronCorbinWWE @JinderMahal pic.twitter.com/S4PEy97NWv- WWE (@WWE) August 16, 2017Q: How do you plan to promote WWE in India through your Championship?A: First of all, I want to be an inspiration to our youth and tell them that through hard work, everything is achievable. Secondly, I want to bring the WWE Championship to India. I know that WWE is working really hard to announce a date shortly and once it’s finalised, I hope I can bring the WWE Championship to India and defend it on Indian soil.advertisementQ: So WWE is planning a match or an event in India?A: India is a very special part of the WWE Universe and so we really want to have an event there. WWE superstars were telling me about their experiences and how they can’t wait to go back there. I really want to go to India and I know WWE is working really hard to announce a date and once the date is announced, I hope I am still the WWE Champion.The celebration was on as #WWEChampion @JinderMahal and @SinghBrosWWE had a special surprise for India’s Independence Day! #SDLive pic.twitter.com/I84uGe7avM- WWE (@WWE) August 16, 2017Q: How do people look at Indian wrestlers in the WWE circuit?A: It’s great. It’s like we have wrestlers from all over the world. Like we have Shinsuke Nakamura from Japan, we have one from Bulgaria and Kevin Owens from Canada. WWE is truly a global entity, we travel all over the world, travel all these countries. It’s very diverse and I hope in the future WWE India also grows and I would love to see more Indians get signed and ultimately make their way up to RAW and SmackDown.Q: You also sang the Indian national anthem on Independence Day in America. How was that feeling?A: It was a very proud feeling, the lady singer did a wonderful job. And you know, we had my kind of celebration with bhangra dancers and for me, it was great.Q: SummerSlam is just round the corner. How are you preparing for your WWE Championship fight with Shinsuke Nakamura? What is going to be your strategy against him?A: My strategy is just to weather the storm. I know he’s very strong and he’s going to come with his strikes. He has very lethal precision with his strikes but there’s a reason I am the WWE Champion, my toughness and I can weather his storm. I will take his weakness when I find it and I also have the Singh brothers with me, they are my spirit that I walk out of the SummerSlam as the WWE Champion.Q: There are reports of WWE wanting to expand their fanbase in Japan as well which gives Nakamura an equal shot at the title. Your thoughts?A: Like I said earlier WWE is a global phenomenon and they want to expand all over the world. It’s not so much about the country but the performer. I started my career with WWE in 2011 and they didn’t just give me the WWE Championship or even the chance to contest for it. It is just now that I have worked hard to reach this level. I have proven to WWE and the WWE universe that I am worthy of the Championship, that’s when it happened. So it’s going to be me if I am good or if Nakamura is worthy, he’ll win. It’s not about the country we are from.advertisementQ: What is the inspiration behind your finishing move ‘Khallas’?A: The inspiration is actually my uncle Gama Singh, who is a former professional wrestler and used to play during the 1980s. His signature was the camel clutch with submission so I originally used the camel clutch hold but then I added my variation when I picked a guy up and slammed him down. So it’s a thing from my uncle but with my twist to it.last_img

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