What an Obama Presidency May Mean for Origin Science

first_imgNeedless to say, the scientific institutions are thrilled that their favorite candidate won.  Editorials in both Nature and Science showed little objectivity about politics in the last few weeks.  Part of this is due to Obama’s promises to fund science heavily, including $150 billion to fight global warming with alternative energy (see Nature News).  Another reason for their support is that Joe Biden referred to intelligent design as “this malarkey” (09/01/2008) while both John McCain and Sarah Palin have made statements, albeit weak and non-specific, in favor of giving students opportunities to hear alternatives to evolution.    The Nature News article also took note of the narrow passage of California’s Proposition 8, which put into the state constitution the statement “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”  What this has to do with science, or how this will “affect the nation’s research” (the stated purpose of the article) was not explained.  The stem-cell initiative in Michigan also passed 52-48% (see 10/15/2008).  According to New Scientist, Obama has promised to lift the ban on embryonic stem cell research anyway, whether or not it is necessary.  A recent article on Live Science indicated that current techniques can “reliably reprogram adult cells into iPS [induced pluripotent stem cells] rapidly and can forego the need to rely on mammalian embryos to generate pluripotent stem cells.”    Most initiatives to restrict abortion failed, such as California’s Proposition 4 which would have required parental notification for abortions on minors (defeated narrowly) and Colorado’s Amendment 48 which would have defined someone a ”person” at the moment of conception (defeated overwhelmingly).  Obama is a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood and has never voted for any abortion restrictions, including partial-birth abortion.  Late Republican ads criticized him for supporting infanticide by voting three times against bills that would provide health care to babies surviving botched abortions.  Backed by a Democratic Congress, it is likely Obama will sign a Freedom of Choice Act that will remove all restrictions on abortion, including partial-birth abortion.  This will sweep away decades of pro-life efforts to protect the unborn.  If Obama is able to put liberal judges on the Supreme Court and other federal courts, Roe vs Wade is likely to stand, and maybe even expand, for decades to come.    Many decisions hostile to intelligent design, or supportive of unlimited abortion and gay marriage, have come from the courts.  Republicans in the past have tended to rubber-stamp liberal judges appointed by Democrats (such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg), while Democrats have tended to “Bork” conservative nominees (as Joe Biden did to Robert Bork) or delay their hearings, sometimes for years.  If this happens under a Democrat-controlled Congress and Presidency, the courts could turn even more liberal than they are now.    Most education reforms are debated at the state level in school boards and legislatures.  Opponents of intelligent design will have strong presidential and congressional advocates in Washington, though, along with the backing of empowered scientific institutions.  It may become increasingly difficult for Darwin-doubters to get a hearing.  Emboldened scientific institutions and academies may also “expel” Darwin-doubters with increased fervor and less opposition (see the movie Expelled, now on DVD, and Slaughter of the Dissidents).    The popular vote for Obama was not overwhelming, though, and many may have voted for the novelty of seeing a person of color elected President for the first time.  Some may have been so disgusted with Washington-as-usual, or with the war in Iraq, or were fearful of the economic collapse, to grasp at anyone who could promise “change we can believe in.”  Their votes for Obama may not translate into support for unlimited abortion, gay marriage, socialized health care, embryonic stem cell research or expensive global warming programs that could cripple the economy.  Often the realities of the world temper a candidate’s promises once in office.  Disillusionment among the electorate often quickly sets in after the euphoria of victory has passed.  Obama promised to be the president also of the large minority who voted for McCain/Palin.  He promised to listen to them.  Good intentions or not, he may have no choice but to move toward the center on some issues.  As a newcomer he cannot afford to ignore the advice of military chiefs and seasoned Republican advisers.  The economic crisis may force him to back off on some of the expensive programs he promised.  An international crisis, as his running mate Joe Biden predicted, could change everything.  How this all plays out remains to be seen.This is a nation where citizens are king.  Those of you who want a culture of life and a nation of free speech in science will have to speak out and work harder than ever before.  Many times in history have been far worse than this.  It is never a time for despair in God’s kingdom.    Take a breather now that this emotional roller-coaster ride is over.  Take a walk in the woods.  Calm your soul with the beauty of creation.  The birds, animals and plants still know their Maker and do His bidding.  The Earth still orbits in its privileged life-giving zone in space.  Your molecular machines, genetic code, organs and senses still are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Take confidence in the fact that the facts of nature are impervious to lies and distortions.  The evidence will still be there.  We still have free speech.  CEH is not going away.  You can still gather evidence, think, reason, debate and exercise your citizen’s right to have an influence.(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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