The magic number is 33 for a majority, research shows

first_imgDear Editor,I was wondering if I was going senile after reading about Nigel Hughes’ bizarre claims about what constitutes a majority vote in the Guyana Parliament. Any mathematician (or Common Entrance student) will tell you that 33 is the magic number that tilts in favour of the party.Hughes claims that one needs a total of 34 to constitute a majority in the House consisting of 65 seats. I therefore undertook some cursory research on the issue and ‘discovered’ the following stats which would be of interest to all parties (including the Caribbean Court of Justice, if the case goes that far):Source: TABLE FOR DETERMINING MAJORITY AND TWO-THIRDS VOTES (The Michigan State University); see the sake of democracy, decency, detachment, and development, the Government should accept the results of the Parliamentary vote and prepare for elections due within the 90 days, according to the constitution.Sincerely,Dr Devanand Bhagwanlast_img

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