To Infinity and Beyond at Kluh Jewelers

first_imgSubmitted  by L. Jeanette Strole Parks for Kluh JewelersKluh Jewelers helped create this one-of-a-kind ring, matching an existing pendant of the clients.The process of creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry may actually be less cumbersome than you think. If you have ever considered designing a custom piece for yourself or a loved one, this might be a story you will want to read through. Ian Kremer, recently found himself working closely with the staff at Kluh Jewelers to make a sentimentally inspired and very unique ring for his fiancee Haley Crew. Three years ago, Kremer – who works for the Department of Agriculture – met Crew, who just graduated from The Evergreen State College this spring. Neither of them had grown up in the area, but were pleased to discover the family-owned jewelry store that has served generations of Thurston county residents.Back in January of 2014, the couple began collaborating with Kluh Jewelers owner, Matt Kluh on Haley Crew’s custom ring. “We were not customers prior to this. We had noticed the Kluh sign in passing, and wondered aloud at the possible pronunciation of the name. We were unsure if it was pronounced like ‘Kloo’ or like ‘Kluhhh.’” (For the record, it rhymes with Clue.)Thus the pair brought their design into the store to create a ring to match a pendant that Ian had designed as an engagement gift for Haley, with the help of a jeweler in California two years ago. “It incorporates a triple infinity symbol in a true Celtic knot, entwining around a band of white gold, with a diamond in the center and three small light green diamonds running down either side.” Selecting a “previously loved diamond for cost as well as sentimentality” allowed them to incorporate a budget-conscious choice that also features “an older style cut called a European cut, which probably dates the craftsmanship back 100 years or more.”Kremer describes the nostalgia surrounding this particular pattern. “The original design of the engagement necklace was that of a platinum infinity symbol which surrounded a green diamond that had been passed down to me from my paternal grandfather. The green diamonds that run down the sides of the ring’s wedding band match this diamond from the necklace.”Getting Crew involved in the process also allowed them to oversee the step-by-step process, and know that the customer service at Kluh’s was top-notch. “We liked their staff very much. Everyone seemed friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. We particularly enjoyed working with Matt – which we did almost exclusively during the process. Matt was extremely knowledgable, and able to answer all of our questions with great detail as well as humor and goodwill. There was zero sales pressure. In fact, on occasion, the lower cost options were what was recommended and emphasized. Matt seemed to be working on “our side” during the whole process.”Of course, with most projects there are always some detours or small snags, and Kremer and Crew were glad to see those situations handled with care. Initially, Crew had drawn up sketches of what the ring should look like, and the sketches would be rendered on a computer program before the mold was created for casting the ring. “Matt […] worked with the molding process and was able to show me a very rough mold of the actual white gold ring. It was not finished yet. In fact it was in two pieces and they needed to cut the ring and add the knot. This way the infinity/knot was never cut.”When the ring was finished, Kremer and Crew ranked their satisfaction at a 9 out of 10. “The only thing I would change is that we weren’t able to match the small green diamond on the sides of the ring band exactly to the color of the diamond in the necklace. This was because my grandfather’s diamond had likely been colored during the 1930s or 1940s and was not easily replicated. Matt did everything he could to help us come as close as possible.”They both rave about how astonished they were to see the final product, and the details that went into the creative process. “We were very happy to see all of our decisions, sketches, and ideas turned into something so real – and so shiny! It was a creative birth process.”With that level of contentment, they have already recommended Kluh’s to other friends and family. “We learned how easy and rewarding it is to make custom jewelry. There is no reason to not get something totally custom if that’s what you want to do. It was an extremely enjoyable process, and we both feel much more attached to and responsible for the creation of this ring now. It’s very special, and I think it has more meaning.” Facebook17Tweet0Pin0last_img

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