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From March 2010 the first

China group purchase website — the U.S. mission network in China began operations, group purchase net to monthly compound growth rate of 18% has created the annual total sales of about 2 billion yuan, with an average discount of 67% off to help China users to save about 4 billion yuan spending, and contributed 9% of the box office for the film industry China the highest single month, its popularity is fast enough to let shame all other new pattern of Internet including micro-blog. read more

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"double 11" is coming, the major electricity supplier platform has been eager for a fight. Just before the creation of this shopping spree day before the arrival of China’s two largest electricity supplier platform and Jingdong big double war started in advance.

yesterday, according to the relevant media blue whale TMT network reported that the day before Ali made "a registered trademark of double eleven", and authorized Tmall exclusive use of the trademark, the company shall not use any other institutions. According to the exposure of the notice letter showed that Ali group has China achieved "double eleven" registered trademark (Registration Number: 1013647010136420), authorized by the Alibaba group, Tmall will "double eleven" trademark exclusive right, protected by law, any other person to use behavior is trademark infringement. read more

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