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      1, the user can not be your site to do the appropriate location, select host is not suitable for their own site, for example a IP1 million sites, we recommend that customers need 10 people flat-share server, some households to save money or from other considerations, with the 80 people flat-share server, so that not only their own access to the affected site led to other sites with server are also affected, many of the "Service Unavailable" problem is therefore the. The site of yourself we recommend that users can calm down, don’t give your site chuanxiaoxie, this site will be affected in the development process. Before buying the best advice to our sales staff, choose their own space. read more

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I sent a copy of my personal public number, only a few thousand views, can be directly traded hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the same article, sent to the crowd is also very accurate from the media account, the conversion rate is not high.


the main reason is that there is no trust based, so most of them are most willing to add WeChat, but do not want to direct payment order.

WeChat Internet ranch model in the

School of Qin consultation, there are four stages:

first step, pull new read more

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in 2013 this year after the outbreak of the Internet TV, the living room is intensified after the war, millet, music television, Taobao, HUAWEI and other large enterprises launched the "box", and a "box" surfaced. In March 4th, thunder member joint blockbuster released red box, rush into the field of smart tv. It is really exciting, every one of US Internet users are concerned about their development.

from various manufacturers also use this market share to exhaust all the skills from the bosom. Look at the picture below you will know the power of the various manufacturers a smart TV on the key words, since there are nearly ten million news, attention is not included in the news page. Its tragic extent can be imagined. Internet TV is undoubtedly a hot topic, is the focus of attention in the industry. read more

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Baidu library as Baidu’s well-known products, the marketing effect has not been the webmaster identity, in fact if the scientific and rational use of Baidu library publicity, often play an unexpected effect in this regard, we must first analyze the use of Baidu library marketing has what advantage.

is the first to know that Baidu library is a knowledge platform, but compared to the Baidu encyclopedia, the difficulty of the audit is relatively small, and even some advertising text covers Baidu Library of articles, will not easily be removed. And knowledge content on Baidu library is easy to get, as long as you set free to share, then it can be easier for others to download and use, so you can make your advertisement information publicity out, so as to effectively reduce marketing costs, but also can enhance the advertising appeal and recognition, after all out from Baidu the content, its reliability is often more easily accepted by consumers. read more

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if mention before the mobile internet marketing, it is estimated that many people will think of the first time SMS marketing". Although this approach is more mature and can bring some effect, but also allow consumers to overuse too tired. With the continuous improvement of the performance of the mobile terminal, LBS (location based services) and AR (virtual reality) technology matures, the mobile internet marketing to bring unlimited possibilities, but also for advertisers to bring new surprises. The mobile Internet advertising potential should not be underestimated. read more

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hand travel, page tour, online games three types of games, in the process of promoting the game, no doubt all like to use beauty as a spokesperson, in the game ads often appear to play a variety of cosplay sister. The game company why so interested in beauty, is to seize the many grass root user pain points, game player in male dominated, especially after 80, 90 groups. But this group to income is not high Dediao wire game player, so the use of beauty promotion game, game player is sure to attract eyeballs. read more

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video site supervision of the new regulations set up the chain site and the chain site should bear joint tort liability

Admin5 station network January 4th news, recently, the national copyright administration, General Administration of press and publication of the video site "on the active supervision informed about the situation", April 25, 2011, the Copyright Office notification list and the authorization request submitted 18 websites of 1800 film and television drama documents submitted to the final actual 1581 film and television drama list, 1206 film show the authorization certificate. In the actual certification documents submitted, fully meet the requirements of the 282, accounting for about 23.4% of the total number of actual submission. Among them, Chinese Film Copyright Association and the American Film Institute of Beijing Representative Office of verification found that PPLIVE,, storm, the popularity of the network, cool 6 network, uusee, Piero many other web sites using the 16 film and television drama without authorization. In the stage of supervision, uusee and VERYCD network overall performance is poor, it is included in the warning list, and proposed rectification requirements of the two sites, two months after the situation has not improved, will be blacklisted, and start the investigation procedure. Thunder network will be included in the warning list, the national copyright administration will focus on its supervision. read more

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from the beginning of last Friday afternoon, everyone appeared in the film and television website inaccessible situation, there are a lot of users on micro-blog feedback on this issue.

to Saturday, everyone can visit the film and television, but it hung up the site is cleaning up the contents of the announcement. Netizens think everyone in the film the face of copyright issues in the future, want to download TV in all film and television has become impossible.

so, why everyone in the film was seized? In fact as early as Saturday night, Baidu all TV bar bar owners seven celestial ang gives us the answer. read more

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has been tested for 3 days in addition to cattle station statistics on the first day of the test statistics to create a myth statistics on the flow 110 thousand, also repeatedly broke the surprise, many webmasters may not think before the test, less than half the time, the function and effect of data statistics of the cattle station lifting it over business statistics in their mind the imagination.

The person in charge of the

site and the reporter contacted the cattle station statistics, statistics by cattle station responsible person understands that the cattle station current statistics data and the number of users is still in a rising trend, and in order to make statistics and site owners to contact more with viscosity, cattle station statistics official cattle station statistics will launch a a nanny, we also personally experienced the functional effect of cattle station. read more

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technology news Beijing time on September 7th morning news, Russian portal website and email provider has recently been exposed suffered hacker attacks, resulting in a large number of users leaked data.


LeakedSource site has a copy of the internal user database. The site noted that the attack took place in February 17, 2012. The database includes 98 million 100 thousand account user name, e-mail address, social account data, and password. Unlike other data breaches, these passwords are stored in plaintext, meaning that anyone inside the company can easily check the password. read more

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