Month: February 2017

for luxury brands, such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton handbags, is one of the important sources of income, especially considering that most of the fashion show clothing completely sold or sold only a small number of. As a result, handbags for them is the key to success, for consumers is the focus of attention.

2015, Chanel was driven by its global strategy to promote global brand handbags, global market sales recorded an unusual growth. For consumers and investors, Chanel handbags prices have remained stable growth, although Chanel has not officially open its 2016 pricing plan, but according to the latest Luxury Daily media news, Chanel handbags may soon be a substantial increase, but the report did not disclose the price of the price and the countries involved. As for whether the price in the Chinese market will be like last year, there is no clear message. read more

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with the rapid development of the Internet, the competition between the industry and the increasingly fierce. How to stand out in this battlefield without smoke, to create the industry’s top brands become the ultimate goal of the industry. Today we will talk about "buy"". This originated from the other side of the GROUPON group purchase mode, with seemingly simple business logic and successful reproduction, make blossom everywhere in the global scope. China is no exception. read more

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in foreign Twitter is a major untapped e-commerce business promotion channels. So at home? Perhaps we should look at those who have not yet mature domestic social networking sites, of course, this is just a reminder in this article and share abroad should be how to use the Twitter e-commerce to improve product sales.

1, providing exclusive discount information

computer maker DELL for the Twitter business arena, a few years ago, DELL through the Twitter channel exports to other countries, Twitter offers exclusive offers and refurbished merchandise inventory notice. This special account setting provides only special offers, so you rarely see, and some are only in the consumer and the company’s own interaction. However, DELL offers a separate Twitter account – @ ChrisCBAtDel – for asking questions or comments. read more

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Abstract: This is English prompt error code Taobao engineer their own definition, refers to the mean is "with failure to pay, payment orders to create merge failure", because the engineers do not know merge English word combined, which in UnionPay.


] titanium media yesterday morning, ushered in the "double 11" hand chop peak, instant payment system is tumbled, many users received "at Tmall is client UnionPay error" error, that is China UnionPay system failure. Today, Alipay and China UnionPay respectively responded, said Never mind wrong with unionpay. read more

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was just selling Eslite clothing accessories website, but the celebrity endorsements in advertising but accidentally become the object imitated even spoof users. Nowadays, imitation website advertising style produced "VANCL VANCL style" works by micro-blog, "and QQ on the Internet fast fashion, let in the limelight between VANCL become a classic example of a website, the first domestic Internet marketing.

"object" original is Han Han

July, writer Han Han, actor Wang Luodan as the online clothing store "VANCL" spokesperson. Subsequently, the image of advertising in many cities appear on the bus and the internet. read more

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New Year gift, three hosts is limited to 30 units for sale! 10 champion will receive a host management system or a station system, welcome to order!!!

trust and brand service host provider – Xiamen scholar

server hosting hire please:

host virtual host management system:

promotion host:

CPU P4 (dual core) configuration: 3
price: 6300 yuan / year read more

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Abstract: NYSE landing near the fire. Recently, traced the sale of luxury fake news swept through the network. The phrase "I am Chen ou, I fake endorsement of ridicule, let the spotlight once again hit the founder Chen ou him.

landing the NYSE near and fire. Recently, traced the sale of luxury fake news swept through the network. The phrase "I am Chen ou, I fake endorsement of ridicule, let the spotlight once again hit the founder Chen ou him. read more

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A few days ago in

Robin club to design electricity supplier product reviews, the feeling that the record is not fun, blog here.

before the start of the product analysis and comparison, we look at the current impact on the product page comments more large two product form,

is an ancestor of information interaction: BBS, forum. We have the habit of reading information and identify the essence in a layer of floor, the landlord for expression of the review and to express their views, the following people to be part of the previous information as original content, so it has been more of a building floor later decided to comment on the interaction. read more

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  the beginning of the new year, CN domain name registrar of the full range of price increases so that the CN domain name of the number of people who are somewhat hesitant, making their investment behavior becomes cautious, but also makes the domain name investment novice feel unable to start.

      in order to quickly activate the 2007 CN domain name registration and the trading market, the domestic professional domain name transaction service provider name Chinese generous played in the first trump card, from February 12th to February 25th, in the company’s new CN domain name registration as long as 8 yuan. This is the domain name investment the majority of beginners, reducing the threshold. read more

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media reports today, accusing suspected of selling counterfeit Swiss watches. released a statement, said the reports of serious misrepresentation, and has started to investigate the legal liability procedures.

sina science and technology news on November 25th afternoon news, today, the media reported that accused of selling counterfeit Swiss watches. released a statement, said the reports of serious misrepresentation, and has started to investigate the legal liability procedures. read more

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10 years ago, you think yourself now to live? If there is a plan after 10 years of life will be like? I just have a general plan, and now, you can


IT leaders summit held in Shenzhen, in the interactive session, the host of the three guests raised questions about dreams and reality. As the country’s three largest electricity supplier representatives: Ma Yun, Robin Li, respectively, to tell their own dreams and reality of the understanding of the.

Mr Robin Li’s answer to this question is "career dreams are greater than life dreams". 10 years ago, Robin Li just want to do this brand of Baidu, is more focused on the promotion of the brand, and the company began to go on a little formal, more responsibility to anti up as the founder, listed companies in the enterprise, to assume the position of CEO, and in the efforts of the company to better consider the development direction. Until now, when Baidu became the Internet, Robin Li still feel, in the dull life of leisure and luxury, the reality still need their reign, and for the understanding of dreams is to find a job for its successor, to enjoy life. This is what we often say". read more

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is now the market has shrunk, traditional business e-commerce tide impact, compared with the traditional e-commerce business, what are the advantages and disadvantages of


electronic commerce has the following advantages:

1, geographical, temporal and spatial advantages

traditional business fixed location, fixed time sales; e-commerce to shop as the fundamental online sales, breaking the limitations of time and space, ready to order. No geographical barriers, to a greater extent to meet the various needs of consumers; at the same time also truly shopping without borders, you can do business in any corner of the world, no regional restrictions, a community can only operate in Beijing before, and now you can have any region can share. read more

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since the Alibaba determined for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide loan guarantees, the industry agreed that Ali will enter the financial system sooner or later, although Ali team was secretive, but Ma has gave away the secret, if the bank does not change the existing financial system, so you have to lay into force them to change, now this looks really Ma layman. Experts also than expert Ali has a comprehensive layout of the financial system, Alipay has now become an important piece, retreat into the attack, it’s no wonder that Ma Ming zhe Ping An insurance that the future of the financial competition has come from the new financial system, Ali is obviously the most formidable competitor. read more

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Pablo Palatnik, CEO, in 2007 he began to create, and now has become one of the world’s largest online retailer of sunglasses. As a successful entrepreneur, before his 30 birthday he wrote some of the insights since the start of the business, hoping to help entrepreneurs who are doing business. The following is the text:

looking back over the past 30 years, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Our business enterprises, so the "entrepreneurial" concept has been deeply rooted in the heart, so I have been hoping to create some new achievements on the basis of the existing. read more

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in December 6, 2016, the puppy appliance Internet technology (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd (referred to as: Puppy appliances) in the National SME share transfer system officially listed. Dog successfully landed three new board, marking the official birth of the first domestic Internet appliance.

Since its inception, the dog has been focused on the appliance appliance market segments of the vertical

, focusing on R & D, sales of high-end products to meet the needs of Chinese users to clean high-end products. At the same time, the use of the dog to consider the use of the Internet to create the ultimate experience of products and services, always meet the user’s expectations or even exceed the expected demand for the target. Today, the Internet appliance has become one of the hottest topic in the industry, thanks to the advent of the era of industry segments, it is "Internet plus sub industry" the tide of continuous surging, let the puppy appliances seize the opportunity, become the Internet appliance industry continuous innovation breakthrough active promoter and leader. read more

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new year, China’s technology industry mergers and acquisitions tide continues. founder June. Source: Vision China beauty officially announced the merger of June as the new company CEO and beauty said the merger rumors finally implemented, which is also the first merger of the Internet industry in 2016.

January 11th, the social networking platform announced the formal merger beautiful said. Prior to the official announcement of the merger, said the United States has been completed in August 2014 E round of financing, the amount is unknown, valued at nearly $1 billion. also in November last year completed a $200 million D round of financing, valued at nearly $2 billion. read more

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electronic commerce has greatly accelerated the dream bazaar of supply chain management. Wu Weihong photo

editor’s note to the surging business era, a number of traditional manufacturing enterprises, seize the opportunity, take advantage of the sense of smell. These manufacturing enterprises not only become Guangdong. Development of electronic commerce, it is a strong industrial base in Guangdong the development of electronic commerce. Today, the Nanfang Daily will launch a series of reports on "Guangdong enterprise net story", a group of mining industry, the traditional enterprise e-commerce applications to explore consumer market work experience and practice mode within the province, please note. read more

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, like the Chinese people, the American people also value healthy food. Pay attention to the quality of life of the people will go to the sale of organic food supermarket chain Whole Foods, with relatively high price to buy the rest assured that the health food without hormone.

every Sunday morning, there will be Market in Silicon Valley’s major cities in the city of Farmer’s Market (Farmers), the surrounding area of organic farmers will bring their own products to market sales. Although these organic agricultural products price slightly higher than the ordinary supermarket, but also less expensive than the price of Whole Foods, attracted by the surrounding area residents to come to the fair. read more

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September 23rd news, according to the business man reported that, in order to further expand the market, the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA plans to launch electricity supplier business in Moscow, did not disclose the specific time.

days ago, IKEA is negotiating with Russia logistics distribution services company SPSR Express and PickPoint cooperation. PickPoint CEO Nadezhda Romanova said: "in order to be able to provide consumers with more rapid delivery service, the company will provide 422 packages for IKEA terminal network, consumers use parcel terminal network can get wrapped in a minute." read more

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years ago, heard a black money story, the protagonist of the story is two black farm, have a group of cows, black when sold milk, milk products is good, so he began to sell milk and dairy production side, when selling dairy products found to open a shop. So…… You know what, he began to have a package package plan opened his own farm; two different black, was immersed in sell milk, earn money to buy cows, to buy milk, so the cycle continues to expand their farm.

finally, the black one or a small workshop, black 20% industry tyrants. read more

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