Month: April 2017

crayfish is delicious with Chinese characteristics, can bring people more surprises, it is worth people optimistic about the natural advantage will be greater. And the Huaian city of Jiangsu province Xuyi lobster began to step out of the country, to the world, so that people living in different places can taste from the taste of home, and let more people like crayfish really shoot two hawks with one arrow.

it is reported that this batch of crayfish products totaling 1200 kilograms, worth US $8000, all water frozen crawfish, production and processing by the Huaian Xuyi Sizhou City Agricultural Development Co. ltd.. read more

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for many entrepreneurs, the relevant business strategy is very much, however, for the beginning of the purchase is almost no understanding, leading to the entire clothing store business is very difficult. In fact, the purchase of clothing stores also have skills to speak of. So, the clothing store to purchase what skills? Let me see small series of.

(1) to capture customer needs

as a clothing store owner you can through the following survey method to obtain market information: select a representative group of residents, as a long-term contact; making work manual, should consciously put the customer on clothing reflect the views recorded, then put these opinions, reflect to the relevant departments to establish stock; register of customer needs but no commercial registration, and as one of the basis of purchase and replenishment. read more

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on high heels all day, the men go out is leather shoes, this is a great harm to people’s feet, and foot points very much, can directly affect the health of the body, so the old shoes in the market and products began to become hot, can make a lot of money is good business.

with the prevailing leisure shoes, regardless of style or price is a great breakthrough, become a kind of fashion goods. To open a fashion shoe shop just to meet the needs of leisure. Now, with the natural trend rise, become a natural cotton garment industry "distinguished persons". At the same time, the nation is the fashion concept, but also to many ethnic handicrafts prices soared all the way. Because the dead shoes "natural" and "nation", "characteristic" words can be coated with a layer of fashion gold powder". Cloth shoes both fashion and low prices, of course, hot selling! read more

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Benxi for women entrepreneurs preferential policies are constantly improving, and constantly play the "half of the sky," the strength, but also believe that with the support of the policy, more and more women will choose entrepreneurship.

3 24, the reporter learned from the Municipal Women’s Federation, this year, the city will once again raise the small amount of financial support for women discount loan amount, and strive to exceed the amount of $100 million loan for women to start a business to become rich". read more

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is because some of the pressure of life, some because of serious environmental pollution, some because of their constant toss, anyway hair problem now is more and more serious, more and more people want to have a professional hair care center, to give their hair as one of the most comprehensive care, so do business, certainly is a big market, business is good!

now hair problem people regardless of age, but also the early season straight long hair, brown, bifurcation, broken hair, dandruff, scalp itching and other non organic hair problems, spread to almost everyone, hair problems generally and the trend of younger age, has become the focus of the community concern. read more

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coffee shop in the market more and more, in fact, choose to invest in the coffee shop is not a very easy thing for franchisees, after all, the market competition is fierce. If you really want to know how to shop, then you need to do a good job, Xiaobian compiled the relevant information, I hope to help you.

A, determine the coffee shop management content and target consumer groups, location, location, location.

two, to plan, to call the company, company logo design.

three, for investment in equipment, all kinds of equipment data collection. read more

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is now the city’s soaring prices in various cities, in order to buy a dwelling place, a few generations together, people feel sad, but also caused a lot of people think. If there is such a wealth, we in the end is to buy a house, or to start a business? And here, Xiaobian show position: buy a house as entrepreneurial!

is now a lot of young people, the house has become a great pressure in their hearts of the mountains. Generally speaking, if you just graduated from the house to buy a large pressure, in fact, you can first work or entrepreneurship, wait until the time is ripe to buy a house. But some people say that they can wait, but the mother-in-law can agree? This kind of helplessness just reveals our reality. read more

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whether it is innovation, or entrepreneurship, or the combination of the two, in the current venture capital market, in fact, need relevant support, so as to be able to develop in the fierce competition. To this end, Peking University launched innovative entrepreneurship support program to help students better development of entrepreneurship.

of the Peking University in order to further enhance the ability of university to serve the national strategy, expand the positive role played by our school in the pattern of the change of economic structure adjustment and development mode in the school, according to the development of the relevant arrangements, Peking University Alumni Association, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, College of Engineering Alumni Association and two branch north Entrepreneurs Club and other relevant units Peking University jointly launched the "innovation and entrepreneurship support program". read more

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middle-aged people can also do poineering work? The answer is no doubt. There are many advantages of middle-aged entrepreneurs, rich practical experience, strong capital, however, middle-aged entrepreneurs have a lot of disadvantages. So,   along with the small make up to look at the middle-aged entrepreneurs should pay attention to what?

1. decided to start before to discuss with family, get family support, especially spouses and parents. read more

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now the number of entrepreneurs on the market is so much, if you do not have some of the relevant know-how, but also how to ensure that entrepreneurs can stand out? So, let entrepreneurs stand out the trick? Henikefu and Wheeler offers four tips to entrepreneurial talent shows itself.

1, to meet the needs of quality

"we’re looking for talented people," said Beh Nikov. This means that they should be able to various uncertainties calmly, passionate about their ideas, to take positive action. He said: "the best entrepreneurs business plan is always feasible, but does not consume a lot of money." read more

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make their own favorite mobile phone shell, is also a very good choice, very trustworthy choice. The iPhone DIY mobile phone shop? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. Simple way to join the extraordinary achievements of life!

DIY mobile phone shell to make money selling

? Love crazy custom business is the most popular mobile phone shell, mobile phone shell love crazy custom workshop, teach you 3 minutes to play, wealth opportunities. As long as you have a photo, you can customize the world’s unique mobile phone shell. read more

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range of care of our skin, to choose the green mask mask? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. How to join the mask? Small entrepreneurial choice to join the bright spring mask project, opened a self owned bright spring mask shop, shop is earned!

product is good, of course, to know before using. Bi Liang Quan mask? According to a lot of used customer response Biliang spring mask, Biliang spring "deep oxygen injection active mask use effect is very good, with the use of toner, skin white, delicate, look younger than their peers, has repeatedly purchase, product quality and reliable. High quality beauty effect, so that each person to regain the beauty of newborn skin, only to create your own exclusive beauty secret base. read more

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The convenience of online shopping is

is everyone’s understanding, but also allow more people to consider the shop in the business, as we all know, now most open shop, buy clothes, high quality and inexpensive, so has a huge consumer market. But in the online clothing store, in terms of purchase, but also a lot of skills. Today on the opening of online clothing store purchasing skills this question, to introduce you.

first you have to ask whether the parties to accept the transaction, the site has an address below, can accept the door to see the goods are relatively strong business, purchase assured. If he does not allow you to meet the deal you have to be careful, the other is a liar, another only his own hands without spot, you order received your money, he went to the wholesale market in the factory or there according to your order picking, because his hands have never let you spot meet the transaction, or they have no strength to show their goods, so your purchase price is not very advantageous. Delays in delivery. read more

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for dumplings this pasta, but countless people are very fond of delicious, but as a very important staple food in China, the current market also has a lot of brands. The following small series will introduce you to the top ten dumplings list, so that we have a better understanding of our dumplings market.

ten Boiled dumplings brand ranking NO.1, miss Chinese: won the brand-name products, ten Boiled dumplings brand, China 500 most valuable brands, one of the largest China frozen food business, Zhengzhou Miss Food Co. ltd.. read more

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spring appeared sugar painting machine, is very worth to choose. Because, love to eat food, always very enjoy. Small business to choose sugar machine? Open their own sugar machine stores, the shop is made! Good business!


sugar machine?

sugar is a traditional delicacy has been 400 years of products, has been preserved, don’t worry about the market will disappear. Business business operators save sugar rental and decoration store spending without employment, regardless of season, raw materials (Bai Shatang) is very easy, the flexible operation of sugar painting as a kind of leisure food, as long as the election of the sales site, can keep rising sales. read more

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is perhaps because the health of our this generation is vulnerable to threats, so people present in life are more focused on their physical and mental health, both the elderly or young people or children have health care concept, and this concept is permeated in every aspect of our lives. For example, the food and beverage industry, and now what kind of food and beverage project can win the trust of consumers, is undoubtedly a healthy food and beverage. Beijing vegetarian vegetarian restaurant is to provide people with the most delicious vegetarian food. Beijing vegetarian join headquarters to provide more vegetarian food and beverage brands, providing the most secret cooking process, let you eat. Food is a never saturated industry, in recent years, catering is very popular people’s favorite, the vegetarian vegetable dish in the choice of materials, formulation and operation, strictly according to the vegetarian imperial kitchen work program, vegetarian tastes delicious, let you eat. read more

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brand children’s clothing to join, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. What about naughty kids? In the children’s clothing market, not only has a high popularity, joined the little naughty children’s clothing items, is still very worthwhile to join the project!

naughty children’s clothing to achieve the best quality, so that the most characteristics. Quality, is a product sales hot factors. Naughty children in garment making, every process in strict accordance with the standards of international big clothing production, the sense of social responsibility to adhere to the "only the production of high quality clothing", to create a good quality brand for parents and children. read more

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