Month: July 2017

a lot of people think it is difficult to do web site, it needs cost, and needs a lot of things, but flinch.

comes together to analyze. Do a good website, first simple positioning, good location indicated the good direction, but we often to the site location in total in 3-5 months later changed the direction, with the increase of the experience, user interaction and passive site, can affect the positioning of the trend.

so the site positioning this piece is not very promising, there is a better, long-term fuzzy positioning can be. read more

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now more and more individual owners involved in local portal, even some of the portal also started fast, which of course is uneven in quality, doing some very good, there are also some do it like an upgraded version of the garbage station. Why are all people so keen on local portals? What are the attractions of local portals? I share some of my own views, shortcomings, and I would like to ask you to correct me.

1, the content span is large, the traffic base is large. Everyone sees the column structure of the local portal, and knows that there are no fewer than 200 large and small ones. Central, local, international, domestic, political, gossip, game, entertainment. In short, any small column out alone, can make a very big column. In short, the webmaster is this effect, through the local gateway alone way, combined with the local gateway weight advantage, must content span wide, achieve the acme. For traffic, it is obvious that so many columns do not necessarily require every column to do very well, but for search engines, there is always a hit. Also, for local users, so much content can always meet what you need. If you are not running a local portal, you will probably be judged as a garbage dump when you have so many columns. From this point of view, the local gateway and garbage station is only a Title difference. read more

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website optimization for a long time, today I write down from the website optimization to now has a tortuous experience, but my experience is very limited, welcome to peer in the instruction of my master. Talk less and get to the point.

started a website to do is Qingdao computer repair site, was planned from the company, do free occupation, a fear of hungry, on the other hand I want to find a website to practice your hand, do a computer repair site, this site is to do with WordPress, familiar with WordPress friends all know this is a blog system, I was changed into a small and medium sized enterprises is a type of propaganda website, how the effect is also good, oh, the original is the programmer, this is myself. read more

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Now the

O2O mode and the Internet financial concepts are very popular, in fact the Internet finance to some extent and the O2O model have a close relationship, is a kind of mode through network marketing, sales of this new line, not only eliminates the network can not face caused by deceptive problems, but also can effectively improve the efficiency of communication, therefore subject to a lot of group purchase website, a kind of operation mode of local portal site very much, it can be said that the O2O will be able to half-dead local portal reactivation, produce more profit contributor. read more

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Any product or service

of units including individuals and enterprises, only on the basis of people-oriented in order to obtain a good reputation and feedback, the translation in the website construction of good user experience is people-oriented. Below we simplify the complex, the logic of the stronger vocabulary popular to everyone about.

no matter which industry to do, the service can be said to be the most important issue, any successful companies have won the market opportunities in the service. For example, Lenovo, Haier, Alibaba and other well-known domestic enterprises is relying on the concept of "product and service, people-oriented" to develop and grow. The user experience to a leading enterprise to a small individual in the terminal customers feel invisible or tangible, accumulation and release of this feeling will react to the related products to brand and reputation effect. read more

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today want to talk about the content of the creation of this topic, must also have a lot of spectators often wrote in a commentary: "I write well, but I can not write or have no time to write original content" comments like this. In fact, there is no need to worry about content, just need to find a pair of glasses to explore content.

may be the biggest obstacle encountered in most of my friends to write a work is "what to write today?" as if the write is written, or someone else is published, then in order to update a valuable article a bit nerve racking, isn’t it? Every day everyone has similar experience, but is all for the choice of content is not the same understanding. Because the definition of the value of the content is not just a very strong academic articles, not necessarily is a big shock inside, it can be very simple but very practical content is very close to the people. Do not feel that you can’t write good content because it is a very common grassroots. As long as the content information is useful to the readers, it is a childish content source. read more

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Hello, I am "38PC net" station Book Personal webmaster, the eldest son, as the name suggests, is a personal management of a website, now personal webmaster have the site is raging like a storm, but really many! Can survive in this battle is the rare, can be described as a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore! One reason for the failure of many, not purely because of a decision, but I believe that there is a lack of, will be doomed to failure! This is the "executive ability", the so-called executive ability, is the test in the construction site, website, website management and maintenance management in the process of each link the ability to implement. And the best way to restrain the executive force is "leadership", read more

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is not a successful person, what he wants to talk about today is to hold on to it. At the same time, he must tell himself that only when he insists on it can he bear fruit and blossom. Since the easy network was established even after officially entered the Internet industry, just come in those days not at all clear how deep the water network. In the night from the station to learn information, naively thought is to engage in sites like those network predecessors, and constantly strive to enrich the information, make false original, focus on key words ranking, more to do (not to mind taking the trouble is all kinds of promotion methods, everything). There is no denying that it did so at the very beginning. So just easy. From a beginning not what the popularity of the website, make a profit (as for popularity, IP what, I will not say. Saying more and saying less makes no sense. In short, making money. read more

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don’t go to learn the successful experience of others, or else you do not know how to die, to learn more about the failure of others – Alibaba CEO ma.

, this is Alibaba CEO Mr. Ma Yun in "win in China" in the words, I think the father of the network Ma Yun words very suitable for now, every webmaster of the website, I personally understand as two meanings.

one should learn more from others’ failures, and reduce their mistakes. Others may not succeed in their success. That’s why we’re going to talk about our failure today, and I hope you’ll learn from it,. read more

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apparel industry is now at the peak of the development, especially for entrepreneurs is a good opportunity to make money, and now with the quality of people’s lives getting better and better, the demand for clothing is also getting higher and higher. Open a clothing store to become a popular choice for entrepreneurs. For some just entering the market for entrepreneurs, how to increase the income of clothing stores? Clothing store is the best choice for entrepreneurs, choose to invest in a clothing store, hot business opportunities, such as you earn!

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around the portal is the basic telecom or Netcom holding, later to the local information port is absolutely difficult to overstep, almost inaccessible. It is another way to go upstream, or as a personal webmaster? The best choice is of course the local information port position is by no means a personal web site can shake. But, even so, there are a lot of people ready to Too Big for Her Skin, took the harbor banner, built its own local portal, for example.

as a local station, to challenge the local information harbor, the head is certainly not, we must use circuitous tactics, from a breakthrough into the local portal areas, gradually through the accumulated and meet the demand, continuously improve the station gradually towards a comprehensive victory. read more

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began using OBLOG. from advertising to brush flow from 3.. Profitability as soon as possible. Always thinking has not been achieved. Bloggers do not want bad advertising his blog. Especially OBLOG. can freely edit templates. Advertising is not good place for a long time.


from the beginning of this year. I shall pay an annual fee for each member. Not much. 1 years to pay 20 yuan. This may will be lost most of the users. Yes. But reduce the proportion that I was surprised. Only 20%. is mostly just registered users. When I asked why they are said to be there are feelings. Also I trust so willing to stay. read more

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, the so-called third party B2B website, is an online business platform for information exchange between buyers and sellers, and provides users with online communication conditions to facilitate trading opportunities.

of course, it’s not easy to be a reputable site in this field. As far as I am concerned, like my topic, it is essential to set up a B2B website in order to be successful. Promotion is also indispensable.

here to talk about my views, for your reference, in terms of content, a good B2B site must first have the difference in the peer site belong to you the one and only the information to be able to let the latest information visitors stopped to attract their attention. To comply with the above points, the originality and timeliness of the content of the website information is very important. read more

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tiger sniffing is a technology media website that has been established for only half a year now, and is analyzed from all aspects of the data. The site is currently on a three hundred thousand IP tour. Now the Internet numerous technology blog, tiger sniffing as a similar to the technology blog media websites, in less than half of the time can have such achievements to let people gasp in admiration, while the tiger sniffing is how to do it? Perhaps the tiger sniffing in the product concept and mode of operation there are many worthy of our the place of study, the author analyzed factors of the tiger sniffing the rapid rise in the industry and technology blog. read more

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may be caused by the following reasons:

A., your server is out of order at critical times and cannot be accessed properly.

B., your site has a robots.txt problem;

C., due to unfair optimizations, your site is removed from its index by search engines;

if only a part of the page keyword ranking down, or many pages of keywords ranking is very poor. This could be:

A., your inappropriate behavior on the search engine was discovered by the search engine;

The algorithm for the

B. search engine has changed dramatically; read more

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.Cn domain name is good, open again to the individual should buy?.cn domain name is suitable for SEO?.cn domain name what are the advantages or disadvantages?


still remember when.Cn domain name just came out, catchword is 1 yuan domain name. I bought the original. Later, with the increase in the number of registered users surge. Ministry of industry introduced policies to restrict individual registration.Cn domain name, only in the nature of the company can register. However, the Ministry has recently announced restrictions on the company’s registration of.Cn domain names. The domain name registrar also with playing the price card, transfer registration has obvious explosion drama. read more

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station really much, open the search engine to search what point you will find a superb collection of beautiful things garbage station, every time I burst out of a crazy idea: if the search engine can put all the rubbish station off the K


what is rubbish station? As the name suggests, to spread the garbage, garbage and garbage copy horsehead manufacturing wrong the horse mouth content information, can not meet the user’s search results! This station is too much, many novice webmaster is not see the look or because its thought is a problem, have joined the garbage station the ranks of the Internet today, leading to the garbage station rampant, caused the search engine to start a station renovation today! The fact that everything is to blame, you think to search users what kind of experience, want to search engine allows you to use such means to undermine their credibility to the masses? You are a webmaster, you hate someone in your station hanging on the horse on the pop-up ads, search engine and so a powerful enterprise? You have not thought of in the garbage station What had brought negative influence to the search engine and search search engine users? Punish you wrong? Also said the website was K all day and everywhere complain income decline and so on, in my opinion it serves, read more

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every day has a variety of hot spots, every day need to update the content of the site. What makes people crazy is that so many hot spots, why is it more and more difficult to do the content? Can you put the two organic links, because in the Internet, hot spots and IP are equal.

why should we focus on the hot spot and link it to the content updates? First of all, a website that runs normally needs to be content. For content makers, initially in the content production, are created around the industry, for the novice, began to write an industry, a lot of things are new, so it is easy to write, but for a long time, the write write, write more and more difficult to meet. How about this read more

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see Baidu Encyclopedia for soft Wen explanation,

soft Wen: as the name suggests, it is relative to hard advertising, by the enterprise market planning personnel or advertising company copywriter to write the "text advertising."". Compared with hard advertising, soft Wen is called soft, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, like a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly, until you find this is a soft text, you have not cold at the fallen into a carefully designed "soft text ads" trap. It is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. If the advertising is hard WaiGu Shaolin Kung Fu; so, soft Wen is Wudang Killing with Kindness, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, act tough and talk soft internally and externally, is the most powerful marketing tool. read more

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1, and most of the B2C website, VANCL also uses a three site main principle, with a dark red as the main color, to the site location in the tone, while landing and registered in the LOGO below, so that consumers feel valued and respected here, check out this article Kunming website construction company – Kunming Delux original, please respect us, you will note from


2 intelligent mobile phone popular mobile phone Internet has become a trend, conform to the trend of VANCL (also with his usual fashion image), where the customer will mobile phone on the right than the striking position, 400 calls increase, bold, on the right of the first red gold position, the reason is very simple: most people still choose the telephone consultation and communication. read more

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