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introduction: 3 fruit electricity supplier Hushang some busy, every day, easy network, delicious fruit orchard 77, three they stood behind the big three.

recent fruit fresh, lively up suddenly.

on the two day, the Jingdong $70 million investment led the orchard every day things solid; and the Alibaba early at the end of last year, investment to fruit net; interestingly, Amazon also announced to the long fresh Museum, including delicious 77, 21cake, China, Tahiti Dole and Zhangzi island. Among them, delicious 77 is China’s strategic partner in the amazon. May 16, 2014, Amazon has announced a $20 million investment in shares delicious 77. read more

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rural e-commerce is an important way to realize informatization and develop rural economy in rural areas." CPPCC National Committee, the Party Central Committee Xu Xiaolan in an interview with reporters said.

as vice president Chinese Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, Xu Xiaolan has attracted the attention of the field of electronic commerce, in her opinion, the electronic commerce is one of the representative of the new economy, it is widely applied to significantly boost the development of the third industry, create a lot of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, and in promoting innovation, financing mode small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the transformation of enterprises, establish the evaluation system of the new enterprise credit has played a very active role in economic, social, and China life had a profound impact. read more

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Beijing time on September 8th news, incentive competition for China’s electricity supplier companies are doing more efforts to promote, but there is no doubt that the impact of the company’s profit margins. In this regard has been listed Dangdang and Mcglaughlin differences: Dangdang will continue to take low-cost promotional strategies, while Mcglaughlin chose to cut promotional efforts.

According to Mcglaughlin

yesterday released its second quarter earnings, net income was $58 million 700 thousand, compared to the same period last year did not change much, but the second quarter gross margin was $21 million 500 thousand, compared to the same period last year fell 20.1%. Dangdang second quarter earnings report showed that its revenue grew 53.3% to $120 million, but the gross margin was only 14.3%. Last year the number is 19.8%. read more

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a woman in Nanjing a few days ago in a Taobao shop to buy a dress, and other goods received, but found that he did not shoot the paragraph. In the process of return, because the seller is not willing to bear the cost of shipping, Lee’s girlfriend gave the seller a bad comment. In December 22nd, when they suddenly broke a few people, for they are a good beating.

woman was beaten to the poor, the woman to the police station to make a record

afterwards, the woman’s boyfriend Lee has been alarm. Because it is too harsh, Mr Li and his girlfriend had complaints to Taobao for saying, the police station is investigating the matter. read more

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