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national pornography office 28, informed the 5 from selling pornographic publications and network information of key cases. Some of these cases have been recently sentenced, and some are still being investigated. National pornography Office of the relevant responsible person said will continue to remain on the production and sale of spreading pornographic publications and network information activities of pressure against the trend, last year launched the net net 2014 special action on the basis of the continuation of the "net net 2015 special action, and severely punish crime against the wind, the dissemination of pornographic information production problems Internet companies, focus on remediation of" micro field ", a new carrier of pornographic information. read more

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It is reported,

news February 21, 2012, remote education website "Hi school network" officially opened Larry domain on-line operation, original CN domain retained independent access, domestic education industry added new platform.

diagram: Web page

industry sources said, in January 2004 the registered domain name is the hi net acquisition proceeds, upon inquiry, the domain name earlier in the MyBIZ investment group name, and now the domain name information changes to Suntech’s company, the domain name should be the earlier acquisition of low-key. read more

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search engine marketing still holds many beginners, millions of dollars in search marketing budget, which can be not at all surprising.

from, paid search has developed for ten years, GoTo had only a few thousand customers, now Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are sitting on hundreds of thousands of search marketing. With the development of the search, most of the early test water was successful.

early paid search marketing, even beginners can easily succeed, this is not to open the door of luck, when the price on average less than $0.15, a high rate of return on investment to promote the search market booming, the search market has reached the scale of $20 billion this year. read more

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talked about China’s Internet 09 years of keywords, have to mention is broken network". Ministry of information, communications, telecommunications, Netcom and other ministries and the parties to the government’s comprehensive fight against Seqing information, many IDC server was forced off the network rectification.

the author interviewed Guangdong well-known IDC enterprises China century operations director, Fan Zong said: "in fact, and unlike Internet so exaggerated and far from the truth. 09 years at the beginning of December in Shanghai is off network inventory, and other provinces have broken network inventory, Guangdong also broke the net rectification. " read more

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marketing priorities 1: select the business market

simply, any company must choose to compete in the market. To help companies make this choice, we should ask ourselves this question:

what business are we doing now?

what kind of business do we want to do?

market choice is the typical strategy of the company. Choosing a market is often more important than choosing a technology or product. If you can choose to own a market or have a factory, most managers will prefer to have a market.

must continue to make such a market choice decision. Faster environmental change can open up new market opportunities, but also lead to the withdrawal of the existing market. Market choice decisions can completely change a company. read more

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A review of the

China SME marketing history, referral marketing from 70 years to 80s, marketing ideas, to 90 years in advertising and marketing, to 2000 after the network marketing, to today’s mobile internet marketing, small and medium-sized enterprise marketing of the road is toward large-scale, standardized direction of rapid progress. Nowadays, the mobile Internet into a trend, small and medium enterprises have ushered in a new marketing opportunities.

has a classic marketing quote: use the customer’s way of thinking to choose their own strategy, rather than a self centered way of thinking. Now, the enterprise marketing is the most "market" blue ocean "Utopia", and increasingly fierce competition, enterprises how to cater to the needs of even walking in front of the user through the service, marketing, mobile marketing will become the trend of course. Recently, Baidu launched the direct number, based on mobile search, @ account, maps, personalized recommendation and other ways, so that hundreds of millions of customers anytime, anywhere direct business services. The birth of this product has become an important turning point in the history of small and medium enterprises, especially under the new trend of mobile Internet, SME marketing can usher in the golden period of 40 years of change. read more

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is Alipay life assistant at this stage on the development of content, provides payment of communication fees, utility fees, credit card payments, gifts of gold, the rent and AA receiving these services mainly for Alipay users. Alipay launched this service to life, to a large extent to meet the needs of young consumers’ payment of life, so they don’t have to go to the bank queue to pay the costs of the troubles, the theory should be very popular.

but to our surprise, the most popular in life assistant is not to pay utilities and communications costs, using the largest number of AA turned out to be receiving the service, so far a total of 220 thousand passengers using this service, and pay the communication fee is only 210 thousand people. read more

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a few days ago because my room block, Nanjing was shut down for a month. When the day of recovery found that Baidu included zero. No snapshot. At that time was very angry, but anger can not solve the problem. And they began to get notice with the Nanjing Links the cooperation website to help restore the link. Many sites have thought that my site was pulled out of Baidu, Baidu snapshot is not, are not willing to restore. Of course, there are a lot of friends believe that I have not withdraw my link. I’m quite grateful. Because a large area of the withdrawal of the chain, the direct consequence is to bring PR to reduce the weight of the search engine to reduce. Believe that the PR big update, many friends have found their own PR down. There are a lot of stand because of a large number of links from the weight. read more

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operation of a buy site, the whole chain is complementary, no matter which link is very important. Buy site system technical support is the most basic, for example: register a personalized domain name, space server is to choose to buy the system. In the actual operation, how to develop a group buying site need to do some necessary work?.

first, actively obtain all kinds of merchant resources

for the service class commodity based group purchase website, collect a variety of service sector businesses of resources to enrich the group purchase website is the need to do; at the same time, group purchase group purchase website once a day practice, must contact the site a number of businesses, to provide a variety of options for consumers. read more

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The development of

business is good in our country, the pace of development of other industries and simply let the shame envy. But in the rapid development of business at the same time, it also exposes some problems difficult to solve, the flooding of counterfeit products has become the current electricity supplier difficult to solve the problem, in fact if counterfeit products can not be effectively inhibited in the electronic business platform or the whole credit system of the electricity industry, the final result is the loss of the entire market, cited the collapse of commercial power. read more

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after the Spring Festival popular "post holiday syndrome", many people feel tired, yawn talk, inattention, dizziness and other symptoms also. This is the "holiday syndrome" performance. Similar to the e-commerce business is also infected with the disease, many online business transactions during the Spring Festival bleak, sharp decline in product sales. Now, the end of the holiday, how to change this situation, the B2B website is your weapon to solve.

Formation of

1, the electricity supplier "holiday syndrome"The formation of read more

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days ago, Beijing municipal government office issued the relevant provisions of fireworks, fireworks is strictly prohibited online sales behavior, once discovered will immediately investigate.

February 9th, the reporter in the Taobao online keyword "cold fireworks", that pops up more than 3000 pieces of "baby".

Taobao public and customer communication department official explained to reporters, the country does not have a license for the operation of the cold fireworks requirements, so it allows the seller to the goods shelves". read more

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multi point in the supermarket to customers to promote the purchase of fresh O2O way. Multi point map

is a major category of fresh goods to the most troublesome business channels, has been considered the traditional supermarket with the electricity supplier competition survival advantage, but for the strong innovation capacity of the power of the Internet, not what the traditional industries of the cake is not moving, some O2O services based on fresh electricity providers have begun to target this last one kilometer fresh business sales to consumers, and to subvert the traditional way of selling fresh play a role. read more

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the afternoon of April 6th, the Jingdong announced the 2016 Jingdong 3C strategic upgrade plan, including upgrading integration four aspects of channel strategy, marketing strategy, operation strategy and financial strategy, in order to better service from the brand to the brand transformation of retailers.

Jingdong 3C division after the establishment of the first strategic conference

as everyone knows, the Jingdong rely on 3C products (computer, communication and consumer electronics) started, was founded 12 years ago, 3C products have been the main sales of Jingdong. read more

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station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact / consulting qq  35996213 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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if your personal monthly income of over 10000 station in this paper, you have no meaning, a commercial site planning in the future I will write, if your site income in 0-9000 yuan / month, I suggest that you carefully read the full text.

personal site profitability is a headache for many webmaster problem, no traffic at the beginning of worry, there is no money to make money also worry, earn a little money but can not see the future direction of development more worried. To make this a little better, it looks like we’ll have two more cups of coffee tonight. Today’s mood is good, the company will have a holiday tomorrow, enter the duty schedule, today, a red envelope (Festival fee), although only a few K, but the heart is very happy, after all, can let the brain relax. Today, Wang read my essay, I said to write planning are written to the occupation disease, even writing so dry, not even the point of view of a good story, would have to be many personal webmaster PASS. At that time he did not admit, but think carefully, there is truth, no wonder people a month tens of K. Oh, this is a digression. But from the beginning, I will try to avoid writing a book, trying to write a story book, a look at the kind of understanding, huh, huh, huh, huh. read more

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From March 2010 the first

China group purchase website — the U.S. mission network in China began operations, group purchase net to monthly compound growth rate of 18% has created the annual total sales of about 2 billion yuan, with an average discount of 67% off to help China users to save about 4 billion yuan spending, and contributed 9% of the box office for the film industry China the highest single month, its popularity is fast enough to let shame all other new pattern of Internet including micro-blog. read more

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