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background news

recently, ICANN has announced a high-profile open top domain name registration, namely.COM and domain name suffix tied, will increase the.LOVE and.CITY domain name suffix, but also claimed that the public will determine the domain name suffix personalized according to their actual situation. In June 26, 2008, ICANN officially announced, will open in April 2009 registration, from the Japanese news media, "brand name".Ibm "or".Ebay ", the name of the city of".Nyc "or".Berlin "can be registered". read more

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recently received a lot of feedback friends, taobao.com suddenly began to force for many suspected illegal content shop directly Feng Ting, the act without any warning and notification, whether it is the title of the baby or the picture relates to its illegal content may have affected by this encounter, who is closed shop, will receive a deduction of 24 points or 48 points the notice at the same time baby and overdue purchase records will be deleted and will not want to clean up the land, that is to say the store and accumulated so customers have no permanent nature, years of effort is wasted. read more

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go to the market and the merger of 58 is the biggest Internet news recently, the two companies after the merger if no accident will conduct a series of self or acquisitions in the vertical field of O2O, to check the vertical O2O companies on the impact of local life service platform. But have to admit that due to the vertical segments are too complex, such as cooking, shopping, cleaning and so on can become a O2O venture, 58 market to buy and built to fully control the local life is difficult.

for 58 years and go to the market, because of its advantages such as SEO flow, so that the platform has gradually become some of the only service but the lack of local service platform business diversion platform, and with the rise of the vertical of the project, the enterprise is not only a service platform, and through the mobile Internet access to more direct users that is no longer a traffic control that is most worried about 58 and go to the market. So in the mobile Internet pattern, what is the new platform model?. read more

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text / Sohu IT Zhang Rui

Tmall recently launched a "credit" service – Tmall stage, after the user to purchase goods can choose 3, 6 and 9 from the current payment, electricity, mobile phone, all SLR cameras, notebook computer and other 3C products began to test the water.


staging" is actually behind the small and micro financial services group’s Ali small loan support, when the user payment, Ali small loans to businesses and users to advance the full amount of the late Ali small loan repayment. Ali small loans from some of the service charges, 3 free, the 6 phase of the cost of 4.5%, the cost of 9. Businesses can be set in the background system for consumers to bear part or all of the costs. read more

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Taobao C2C

due to the seller so buyers have more and more uneven in quality, tend to go to the Taobao shopping mall. With the proportion of Taobao mall in the proportion of the total turnover of Taobao is growing, Alibaba group’s chief of staff, Zeng Ming has made it clear that Taobao will focus on the overall shift to Taobao mall. This means that B2C in Taobao will be more and more weight. December 1st, Zeng Ming said in an interview that Taobao was able to defeat the e-commerce giant Eaby in the fierce competition, it is very important reason is that Taobao is not a pure C2C platform. Taobao hopes that through its own platform, to attract more partners to jointly provide the necessary services for Taobao’s buyers and sellers to jointly develop this market. read more

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this Spring Festival, a variety of micro business is to do the limelight: Pocket shopping, think port, Korea and other micro business enterprises have thrown a lot of attention in the Spring Festival gala. Before the Spring Festival, WeChat’s public number MLM ban also let the industry for the development of micro business who have a sweat. Regardless of scenery or risk, marking the industry is experiencing a variety of flavors of growth.

billion state power network finishing in the past year, important changes in the domestic main micro business platform experience, these changes reflect more or less micro industry overall development status. read more

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mall is recruiting, preparing to set up its own payment companies already in place before the date of payment product director, other payment related positions are wildly beating gongs and drums in the recruitment. (TechWeb with


[Sohu IT news] on June 19th, according to sources, Jingdong mall is brewing involved in the payment industry, intends to set up a payment company, and the acquisition of shares or third party payment company.

today, the media quoted informed sources said, the Jingdong store is recruiting, preparing to set up its own payment companies already in place before the date of payment product director, other payment related positions are wildly beating gongs and drums in the recruitment. read more

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clothing business more prosperous, old customers have slowly accumulated, you need to use a membership management software to scientific and effective management of store members, such as: the latest promotions, store new style, holiday promotion, can be immediately notified to the member.

I ran a clothing store, in 2013 May began to use the cloud membership management software, recently, with small in software when confronted with this problem: each member card is normal, but the click member management without any member information displayed! This can be very anxious so small, so many members of the information said no, after consulting jcipc technical staff, only know that a few days ago is small with re install the operating system, membership system without reloading, database using additional controls, cause loss leads to abnormal display member information. Later, under the guidance of technical personnel, re install the software to solve the problem! read more

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if your personal monthly income of over 10000 station in this paper, you have no meaning, a commercial site planning in the future I will write, if your site income in 0-9000 yuan / month, I suggest that you carefully read the full text.

personal site profitability is a headache for many webmaster problem, no traffic at the beginning of worry, there is no money to make money also worry, earn a little money but can not see the future direction of development more worried. To make this a little better, it looks like we’ll have two more cups of coffee tonight. Today’s mood is good, the company will have a holiday tomorrow, enter the duty schedule, today, a red envelope (Festival fee), although only a few K, but the heart is very happy, after all, can let the brain relax. Today, Wang read my essay, I said to write planning are written to the occupation disease, even writing so dry, not even the point of view of a good story, would have to be many personal webmaster PASS. At that time he did not admit, but think carefully, there is truth, no wonder people a month tens of K. Oh, this is a digression. But from the beginning, I will try to avoid writing a book, trying to write a story book, a look at the kind of understanding, huh, huh, huh, huh. read more

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23, the Alibaba teamed up to the Ministry of public security, the State Quality Inspection Administration, the State Press and publication administration, the State Intellectual Property Office and the Department of industry and commerce, start the fight against counterfeit protection of intellectual property rights, "the depth of cooperation in Hangzhou, trying to link through multi sectoral linkage to produce, supply and marketing, storage, as the explosive growth of the Chinese online shopping market to remove fake cancer". read more

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