130 graduate entrance examination data suspected leak

[TechWeb] November 28th news, in 2015 the national postgraduate entrance examination will be held from December 27, 2014 to 29. But in a month before the start, appeared on the Internet was the sale by the end of 2014 1 million 300 thousand in November PubMed user information. Some users said, suspected PubMed entrance data was compromised.

it is understood that the seller’s data is not only related to the PubMed user’s name, gender, and mobile phone number, phone number, ID number, home address, zip code, apply for the professional schools, and other sensitive information. The number 15000 is about 1 million 300 thousand, the package price sellers, allegedly sold several times before the price is. At present, there are many PubMed users, received questions and answers to sell, sell the phone do tutorial. read more

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Description: ten IT beauty ranking regardless. The contents of this soft text is from the network together to get together.

first Yan Wang Jia: network security industry the first female

Wang Jia Yan

was born in scholarly background makes looks like a typical Jiangnan woman, gaunt face, long hair, little and dainty, gentle and soft eyes.

Wang Jia Yan Notebook:

1990, graduated from the Department of computer science, Fudan University,

1990~1996, to master and doctorate in Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania; read more

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renamed China (eName.cn) in the week following the December 5th hearing, several ten million yuan level digital domain name after the transaction, this week is to highlight the "investment" English domain name Invest.com, with more than $5 million, about 30 million 740 thousand yuan of the purchase price. In addition, the value of 1 million 300 thousand yuan Ebora domain name Ebola.com has established.

figure: domestic domain name trading week dynamic

in this week’s domestic domain name trading market, the number of digital domain, although less than last week, when still strong. 2 99.net, 3 digital digital domain name domain name 292.com and 277.com, were sold to one million yuan price, as well as 129.com, 181.com and 472.com have also changed the domain name. Has been with 6 digits of the game with the acquisition of the domain name 176.cn, the site has been. 122 traffic network also enabled the 3 digital domain 122.cn on-line. read more

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talked about China’s Internet 09 years of keywords, have to mention is broken network". Ministry of information, communications, telecommunications, Netcom and other ministries and the parties to the government’s comprehensive fight against Seqing information, many IDC server was forced off the network rectification.

the author interviewed Guangdong well-known IDC enterprises China century operations director, Fan Zong said: "in fact, and unlike Internet so exaggerated and far from the truth. 09 years at the beginning of December in Shanghai is off network inventory, and other provinces have broken network inventory, Guangdong also broke the net rectification. " read more

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IT Times reporter Li Dongzhang Wei Wei Wang Xin

editor press

CCTV 3· 15 party Internet privacy "a fish to eat three" and turned into APP, Cookies and other three topics, this newspaper once again focus on these topics, not to refute CCTV’s point of view, but rather to present a real situation of Internet privacy. It is worth noting that we pointed out in the report, according to APP and Cookies, the US consumers have the right to choose, use, or not, all of you say! For you as a consumer will choose, please read the following text. read more

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1 which is to lead to trouble? Mass registered pornographic website domain name  

the United States Department of Commerce’s international domain name management agency ICANN, the full liberalization of the international top-level domain, which.Porn and.Adult these two top-level domain, reserved for pornography and adult industry. People think that registered the domain name has pornography, Microsoft Corp, Harvard University.

The Associated Press reported, according to the major reform initiatives of ICANN, current situation of top-level domain will bid farewell to.Com, only a few.Net, there will be a variety of top-level domain, respectively for different industries and applications, such as ".App" should be used mainly for mobile software, ".Music" is mainly for the field of music. read more

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today, more and more college students tend to rise in the online meal ordering, ordering website to attract a lot of college, around the food and beverage merchants settled. But after a period of time, some merchants chose to quit, because the ordering network like Baidu implemented bidding rules, only more money to attract business.

some people favor someone abandoned

at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology campus in the military road "good and sweet" western fast food shop, POS a laptop computer and one side is particularly conspicuous, whenever there are students in the online takeout, the computer will send a "bite", then a single takeaway printed automatically. Store staff told reporters, "good and sweet" with a "hungry" ordering website cooperation, expand the user from the internet. "Nice and sweet" online meal ordering turnover is very good, "we basically have a day online orders sixty or seventy, average every 20 yuan, the staff said. read more

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nearly a year, can each CCTV news reports, see the country is firmly crackdown Internet Security issue. The first is by President Xi Jinping as the central network and information security team leader, to CCTV news on a variety of potentially dangerous Internet security, a profound follow-up reports, which is an important step towards China network and information security national strategy. Beijing as the capital of Chinese, by the end of 2013, the total amount of the record site up to more than 90 million, the total number of sites occupied 1/5, and gathered more than 70% of the country’s major portals, which firmly laid the status of Beijing as the most important national science and Technology Innovation Center, is worthy of the name "network of". The day before, the Beijing municipal government officially in April 29th of each year as the capital of network security day, and today we officially usher in the Internet Security festival. read more

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from Baidu after a personality change last year, many owners began to discuss the problem of survival of garbage station, many pessimistic friends think that garbage station will not survive, individual owners of the future is confused, I can not help but think of a word: "this time the existence of any thing has its reason, what is the garbage station the reason for the existence of hate? Baidu," brother "hurt," mother "do not love the garbage station survive also? Three months ago, with this let care-laden personal webmaster doubt, I started my new job: To explore the value of read more

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sina science and technology news on January 29th afternoon news, Alibaba group today in an open letter, announced the closure of the 22 platforms on a permanent basis to reap the benefits of improper means merchants shop. This is the second since last March announced the closure of 26 illegal shops since another move.

open letter disclosure, individual businesses in violation of the principle of honesty, through friends, classmates, relatives and friends of the ball with two relationships, two functions by Ali for their own benefit to. These acts constitute unfair profit, if the circumstances are serious or even touched the bottom line of the law, in accordance with regulations to be permanently closed shop. read more

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