Beverage shop is not suitable for site selection

shop in addition to the various efforts, the premise is the need to have a correct location. However, in addition to the appropriate location, if you want to let the shop business is hot, which is not suitable for the natural sites need to avoid. So, drink shop is not suitable for site selection?

if it is milk tea or dessert shop, as fast consumer goods, profit depends on sales, a cup of tea on average to sell 5 ~ 8 yuan, the price is not a single cup high. A cup of profit remove materials, rent, utilities, staff salaries and other expenses, the optimistic computation is about 2 yuan, not free to listen to join with you to do the calculation of the brand, in order to calculate their rules, all the stores will be rich, but does not actually ignore this, very much extra cost among them.

, for example, they do not calculate the loss of raw materials, other kinds of unexpected costs. If calculated in accordance with 2 yuan of profits, to sell 1000 cup you every month, you can earn 2 thousand yuan, and your initial investment cost recovery for decoration? The cost of the investment back into the calculation of the profit is what you really earn. Every month to sell 1000 cups, it means that every day you need to sell a cup of 35, which is actually optimistic calculation. If earned just 2 thousand yuan a month, not as an honest job well, why do you mind this fee!

if the beverage shop early decoration investment of 20 thousand yuan, then you want to recover the cost of 1 years. If it is the first time to open a shop and no experienced people tell you the cost of various expenses. It will cost you a lot more than your budget. According to the survey found that the shop will be more or less overrun.

so the beverage shop does not recommend more places:

1, less people place. For example, there are very few people, has not yet formed a commercial atmosphere in the mall.

2, within the community. Even more than a large community, a lot of people do not have the habit of buying milk at home, even if people like to drink tea accounted for half of the number of people, they will not buy a cup every day to take away. Although this is not absolute, but you will be destined for the beverage store sales are very stable.

3, railway station bus station, the people here are also very intensive in addition to the station is out of the station. Out of the station is basically out of the station to start the car to the destination, and the person who is not in the waiting hall, or is to KFC – where you can sit down and wait for the car. Even if there are a lot of tea lovers go through your drink shop when a cup away, but you have to calculate the location of your rental.

therefore, the site can not simply look at the flow of people, can not simply look at the rent, we need to take a comprehensive consideration from multiple aspects. In short, in the place of choice

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