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animation is a lot of people love, whether adults or children love this visual feast, is actually very good business, now, do a lot of cartoon toy business, so the market competition pressure. However, there are still a large number of successful entrepreneurs, Lee is one of them. For Ms. Lee, the animation business is entirely due to interest in toys, at first did not intend to earn much money, but did not expect her career.

"a lot of people like to collect game dolls, and they don’t have to worry about the backlog." Lee told reporters, six years ago, she took over from the friends of this store, because of fear of poor sales of the product, she hit the goods for the first time spent only a few thousand dollars.

did not expect, in Wuhan, a large animation exhibition, I saved all the goods sold out." Ms. Lee said, two times each year large animation exhibition is animation products sales peak, many collectors will come to the exhibition on a shopping spree, the highest one, her two days sold 50 thousand yuan of products. Animation Collection circle is small, the most important word of mouth. So I have been acting is the production of large companies, although the price is slightly higher, but to ensure quality."

Lee, when every new movie or game popular, not only is a doll, cube, stickers, bag, mobile phone chain and other peripheral products are especially popular, mainly pay attention to the collection of information. Animation Collection enthusiasts Q said he was very fond of animation, their daily use of pillows, cups, keys and animation related. But he doesn’t know much about the Wuhan market.

Lee analysis, the trend of animation and toy shops to try to choose in the vicinity of the school, close to the young people, it is best to shop, store at the same time operating. She introduced the shop required little space, small window of advice early entrepreneurs choose the monthly rent of not more than 1000 yuan.

According to the observation of

small, 80 young people have a "cartoon complex", they or Transformers "just fan", or A dream "dream", or as a model, many fans of warcraft.

More than

of the article is about the introduction of animation business, I do not know how we feel, if interested, you can learn more about it, according to the small series to understand, now 80. 90 are interested in cartoon toys, whether it is Transformers, or A Doraemon, are selling in the market. Therefore, to cater to the interests of young people, keep up with the trend, the opening of an investment amount is not too large animation toy shop, is an ideal choice.

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