Beverage industry has become the latest focus of investment

do you want to know the latest venture project, do you want to know the latest business focus? At present, the development of high-end liquor market slump, sales plunged, makes a lot of people engaged in high-end wine industry has been a lot of setbacks, so the wine industry there is no opportunity? According to reports, the end of the beverage industry has become a business opportunity, great potential.

"Official business expenses is limited, the overall consumer market and other factors, this year 1~4 month, China hotel revenue, rental rates and price index was down, the government meeting up sharply to 37.94%, led losers. This is the China Hotel Association yesterday released the "2013 China hotel industry development report" (hereinafter referred to as "report") revealed information.

key index fell

"report" shows, this year 1~4 month, China hotel industry overall total revenue fell 16.43%, the average occupancy rate fell 9.31%, the average price fell by 7.2%, overall revenue, catering sales fell as high as 17.25%, room sales fell 9.57%, the industry overall operating data fell across the board, the whole enterprise management difficulties.

"report" also shows that in the "Official business expenses is limited, the hotel and catering consumption fell sharply in the meeting. "In a meeting of the hotel industry market data report" shows, this year 1~4 month, Chinese hotel industry conference sales average year-on-year decline of up to 27.83%, including food and beverage sales average fell sharply 30.31%, average room sales fell 23.25%, the average number of meetings fell 17.3%.

and reduce the number of meetings in a large extent with the reduction of the government meeting. The report pointed out that this year, 1~4 months, the majority of China’s hotel industry is meeting the nature of the enterprise meeting, accounting for up to 64%, other types of meetings also include training sessions, associations, etc.. The most obvious change is that the past is the "main force" of the government meeting only accounted for 13%, the government meeting drop is the largest meeting of all types, up 37.94% year on year decline, which also indirectly led to large scale meeting 100~300 and 300 people to 500 people fell by 16.98% and 18.13%.

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