From 5 to 50 million of the success of entrepreneurship

in the present society, every day are at the stage of entrepreneurial success story, especially some poor people in distress, they compared some inspirational entrepreneurial story often can infect the US every one.

20 years ago in Zhejiang, Taizhou, Luqiao to Huangyan, Jiaojiang road often walk a little girl carrying hardware. Who would have thought that this is a pair of shoulders out of the annual output value of 50 million yuan enterprises, is the girl, after becoming the first female Chinese successful enterprise of Zhejiang province "38 red banner pacesetter". She is the eight women deputies, CPPCC members, as the Zhejiang women’s Federation Executive Committee, Taizhou municipal CPPCC members, Luqiao District CPPCC Standing Committee, Luqiao Entrepreneurs Association executive director Shao Xiafei.

"sisters, destiny in our own hands, as long as our self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, landless and what can we do, business can live a happy life."

2004 in the afternoon of May 11th, in the business report Luqiao District Women Association of Taizhou City, the national advanced female worker representatives, Zhejiang Jinghong textile Limited by Share Ltd chairman and general manager Shao Xiafei a, deeply moved by the words from the bottom of the heart, under Taiwan more than 300 landless women. Let them move, not only her successful entrepreneurial experience, but also her tortuous path of life.

1980, Shao Xiafei graduated from high school, when she was 16 years old. Now, 16 year old girl, may still in the mother’s arms like a baby. But Shao Xiafei not so lucky, the poor children early masters, Shao Xiafei had set up a stall. In order to save a few cents fare, she often carry a screwdriver and other hardware, go to Huangyan, Jiaojiang market. The purchase price per screwdriver 1 and 5, the price of 2 angle between a buying and selling, earn only 5 cents.

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