Bazhong 2016 first interview about home business affairs

nearly two years, all over the call for migrant workers, school students returned home to participate in the construction and development. Sichuan City, Bazhong deeply concerned about the development of various groups to return home, and interviews with the majority of users in government interviews to understand the needs of the masses.

1 21, the interview in 2016 the first phase of scheduled launch, this program focus on college students, migrant workers and retired soldiers and other personnel home business measures, invited the deputy director of human resources and Social Security Bureau of Party members, the majority of users to communicate online with Xi Xianfeng.


issued a "program" to support entrepreneurship

Xi Xian Feng also mentioned that last year, the municipal government issued the "Bazhong and Bazhong businessmen to support migrant workers return home Entrepreneurship Program" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), to further clarify the guiding ideology, make the task stage back leading entrepreneurial work, from the aspects of home business to lower the threshold, implement tax cuts down costs, increasing the financial support policy, put forward a series of policies to support targeted and high gold content, provides a strong policy support to promote entrepreneurship.

release difficult to answer

/ > interpretation of entrepreneurship policies

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