n the business negotiations to pay attention to the eight aspects

choose a good partner is the first step in the success of the investment should pay attention to what? What details do you need? Today, we talk about the issue of investment negotiations in the collection of eight details.

A, to understand each other’s intentions and objective, strategy

"Sun Tzu" said: "the enemy, know yourself. This is also true in the business negotiation. Only by understanding the intention, purpose and strategy of each other, we can formulate measures accordingly an antidote against the disease, we, and make us in a more favorable position in the whole business investment, and make the investment success.

two, mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit

three, grasp the sense of propriety, rational

in investment negotiations or the negotiation process, our investment negotiation personnel should actively understand each other’s nationality, gender, business etiquette and customs, respect each other’s customs, pay attention to foreign etiquette. We should also understand the characteristics of the business negotiation, and take the initiative to adopt different negotiation strategies and practices for different objects and different characteristics. In the process of negotiations, policy change, investment negotiations should also pay attention to the attitude of the other party, our investment negotiators should grasp the sense of propriety, the corrosion is.

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