Home textile brands list ten

in the whole process of home improvement, almost every material is the choice of high quality brand, for home textile products, you will choose? With the continuous progress of society, people’s living conditions are constantly changing, and people’s quality requirements for home textiles have become stronger. Home is a warm place, at the same time, home textiles is a comfortable place for people. Therefore, the next Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the most authoritative national textile ten brands list.

home textile brand list ten NO.1, mercury home textiles

mercury home textiles is one of the first large-scale textile enterprises to get involved in the home textile products and form the dominant brand. Mercury textile focus on textile industry specialization, branding, product covers multi suite, bedspread quilt, pillow, cushion, single combination of ten series of more than and 300 varieties. The company has 102 patents, such as invention patents and copyright protection, is the founder of China’s modern textile industry.

ten home textile brand ranking NO.2, textiles


quality of life is the product positioning of textiles, it won numerous professional consumers to design style unique design, elegant, comfortable and natural product quality, is China Enterprises Association certification of domestic textile brand.

ten home textile brand ranking NO.3, Carolina textile

Shanghai Luolai Home Textile Co. (SH ROLEY TEXTILE.CO COMPANY) is a professional engaged in household textile enterprises, since 2004, Carolina began to implement the multi brand operation, now has its own brand of Carolina brand, international famous brand agent at the same time, it is SHERIDAN. Mary, Disney, Ouyi Lianna brand.

ten home textile brand ranking NO.4, Vico textile

1998, in the arts and humanities form brand philosophy and in its pure cardiac, leading nature, superior, life of Vico textile was established. At the same time, he is a no extra language, but a profound emptiness, looking for a peaceful concept for the design of a company in the noisy city. Vico is a textile textile Brand Company, occupy a space for one person in the modern world brand. At the same time the quality is always their guarantee.

home textiles ten brands list NO.5, Kasen home textiles


home textile brand products to its combination with Italy textile culture, its brand value in 2011 will increase to 2 billion 95 million, also topped the top ten brand.


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