Which projects are suitable for College Students

now has a lot of college graduates want to start a business, but do not know how to choose the project. What do college students do? This is a lot of people are consulting a problem, in fact, college students entrepreneurship is not impossible to find the right project will be twice the result with half the effort.

the naughty, naive panda…… Each toy has a different taste. Now, they are no longer just a child’s toy, but with warmth and sunshine together, become a kind of theme and style of modern people’s home decoration. Tired of the day of the urban people to move forward to the house, see these different tastes of smiling faces, the mood will become as bright as the sun. Plush toy store "money" scene has become more and more beautiful. So you have to be different from other toys, you have your own style. The store of goods must be updated into the more affordable toys, low-priced toys while profits relative to the high priced plush toys should be lower, but puerile, but can earn more money; purchase channels should be wide, in addition to contact with the toy manufacturers, they have to run more and more, in some place novelty toys.

a fat lady store

a commemorative coin shop

with the coin market steady development, more and more people to participate in the field of gold and silver commemorative coin collection and investment, participate in the gold and silver coins Jicang investment, must understand the knowledge collection, Jicang gold and silver coins do not compromise, do is the root of this. As the stock market, currencies, gold and silver market fluctuations, the risk for the gold coin market, both collectors or investors, in the decision to participate in this market, there must be psychological and material preparation.

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