Secret network behind the red line

is now a net red all over the world time, red net recent highly sought after, and behind their red actually have a professional production line, people don’t know much, now Xiaobian for you to uncover the mystery.

28 year old Wang Xiang is a graphic model, with beautiful appearance and diligent in her self, micro-blog gained more than 360 thousand fans. Every day, she did one thing most, is dressed in a variety of styles, color fashion, photographs or video, to see friends PO.

and those interested in Sun Yan, female fashion show is different, Wang Xiang shows her clothes, mostly from the Taobao store, rather than personal wardrobe. She runs an independent brand called "ITGIRL" on Taobao, which is dominated by her fans. In this year’s double eleven that day, she launched a new coat sold nearly 500 pieces.

Lin is an incubator companies like this, and Wang Xiang is just one of many of the Red Net signed it.

The rise of

Alibaba from Binjiang park near an office building, a design involving photography, fashion creative company scale, it is one of the Lin industries.

a shutter sound as one falls, another rises, Wang Xiang and Lin signed 5 other red net, 6.6 meters high in the studio constantly reloading, shot put. Soon, these photos will be published on their respective micro-blog, WeChat. At the same time, they will see the same style of Taobao store recommended

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