How to operate the dessert shop will be successful

the reason why we love the balance, not only because the dessert can let everyone a better mood, more important is the young people to design, dessert style, brand is more interested in, and this is the important reason why many young people choose to join the dessert, a romantic style of nature make people more entrepreneurial projects interest. However, how to operate the dessert shop will be successful?

first step: positioning

The best customer base in

dessert is young women, college students, high school students, couples, etc.. Different people have different tastes and preferences. In the positioning of the time, it is best to do some questionnaires to investigate what groups you want to like what kind of dessert, to accept what the price and other issues, to prepare for their own shop.

second step: product

selection and corresponding positioning is the product of the choice in the high-end dessert shop the best choice of Hong Kong Style desserts, fruit and fish or Western desserts, best with low Cantonese tea and ice cream dessert, desktop, takeaway style is considered to tea, iced tea, fruit cool.

third step: site

for young women, the business district in the high-end dessert shop on the best, for high school students, in the neighborhood of the school near the middle of the dessert shop opened the best. In the business district office, middle grade, good quality dessert shop will be more popular, of course, where the flow of people, take the form of dessert shop is also very good. In general, the best choice of dessert shops walking street, business district, office area, school district shop, the other, such as stations, industrial areas, large supermarkets can also choose next, I remember the bigger the better.

fourth step: shop area

this depends on your financial strength and product type. Product type is relatively simple, less capital investment, small stores (but also to save money); more funds, rich product categories, the store can be larger, it may also be tall on some.

fifth step: shop decoration

determine their own style of decoration. If you shop for lovers, of course, to store the layout of a warm love. The younger consumer groups, can furnish partial cartoon, lovely; in the face of petty people, can decorate business or fan art or simple atmosphere or style of decoration, let the store look grade, style.

sixth step: procurement of equipment and materials

procurement of equipment and raw materials is carried out at the same time with the decoration, in general, if not more money, like refrigerator, sterilized the best recommendation

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