Beware of telecommunications fraud retailers

talked about telecommunications fraud, although it has been there for many years, but this summer, a few things have happened so that people feel sad, so that people are even more hated for this career. Luozhuang District of Shandong Linyi high street in Tanzania community 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu with a score of 568 was admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the afternoon of August 19, 2016, admitted to the University of Xu Yuyu received a strange phone call at the beginning of 171, a $2600 grant to send to her.

in accordance with the instructions of the phone, she had prepared 9900 yuan tuition remitted to the other side, after the party was deceived, to the police station, in the way home faint, sudden cardiac arrest. Send the hospital to rescue the unfortunate death. As a retail household, we in the operation, encountered a similar scam? How do we respond? Is how to see through the fraud spell? As a retail household, we usually should not give the child some telecommunications fraud cases?

Hubei City, Jiangsu Province, the owner of the retailer

view: open your eyes to see through the scam

in recent years, with the rise of the Internet era, a variety of fraud. As a retailer, the death of Xu Yuyu in Shandong should also be highly valued by our retailers. With the change of the times, the retailers have begun to implement the network settlement. For the rural retail households began to implement the post office deposits, every day to set the cigarette manager will notify the customer to set a cigarette, notify the post office to save money. As a result, there are a number of lawless elements began posing as tobacco companies account manager or tobacco people to defraud our retail Household money.

once, just set smoke, after the morning booked smoke, my hand to a mobile phone SMS alert XXX lingshouhu Hello friends, recently a number of tobacco companies have a cigarette storing uniform change, ask you to put the 11:30 Cigarette Money hit the account specified." After receiving this message, I thought about it for a long time! Tobacco companies since the card number will inform us retail households, will not send text messages to remind ah! At this time, I have a mind to pick up the mobile phone to call the customer manager, the customer is very surprised to say: "no, we have not received notice of change in number!" I only see light suddenly, the original is the tobacco companies sent me the crooks posing as fraud information.

as a retailer, the crooks began eyeing the be the most changeful, the retailer, we must pay more attention to. When you receive the name of the information must be checked, do not easily believe. This can be no danger of anything going wrong.

Nanyang city of Henan province Tanghe County lingshouhu sun boss

view: give children about telecommunications fraud prevention case

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