Application of innovative technology home intelligent gardening planter

is now the era of entrepreneurship, people are looking for a quick profit and market opportunities, there is a kind of new intelligent home gardening machine makers bring new business opportunities to entrepreneurs, intelligent gardening machine uses advanced microcomputer control system, the gardening of fertilization, watering, temperature compensation, automatic fill to become a reality, more simple operation, the concept of more humane, the traditional garden leisure concept to a new level, for the development of agriculture, family, family garden balcony garden provides a solid technical support, to create a green living into thousands of households.

product features

1.: the appearance of fashion art and has high ornamental value, give a person with delight, comfort and high grade enjoyment.

2.: This product can change the environment of green space, increase indoor oxygen, absorb harmful gases, regulating the air humidity, can Xingnao Jianzhi, slim cheer, have great help to improve the quality of life and body immunity.

3.: space saving design using hierarchical three-dimensional structure of the product, change the traditional three-dimensional plane planting planting pattern, to maximize the use of indoor space, increase the area of green plants.

4. save time: do not fear a lack of water and light and plant growth is bad or dead, not every day to irrigate and fertilize the perfect product function design, can be regarded as the most qualified nanny family intelligent plant.

5. energy savings: high-tech chip and integrated circuit design, one day less than 1 kwh of electricity consumption; the plant lights, light manufacturing the latest LED not only saving, service life is long.

6. convenient operation: remote control function of intelligent design, the button panel prompts the users without any clear, plant cultivation techniques, only need to set the function in accordance with the instructions, you can simply realize the operation, enjoy the pleasure of plant growth.

7.: intelligent machines to expand the horticultural plants diversity diversity of plants, the traditional pot only a variety of smart gardening machine at the same elevation can be planted 5-20 plant species, ornamental plants will be elevated to a new height, also in the same gardening machine can with cauliflower in addition to ornamental plant, edible plants, and strengthen the function of the.

the smart gardening machine, it can be planted vegetables and flowers in the room, the development of new agricultural technology, beautiful and practical. At present, China’s rapid industrialization and urbanization have brought many problems to the environment. Not only outdoor pollution, indoor pollution has become one of the greatest threats to human health. Intelligent machine to indoor gardening into vegetable gardening to purify the indoor air to maximize the use of limited space, and the purification ability is more powerful, indoor oxygen increasing is more air pollution, less harm to human body, can significantly reduce the CO2 concentration, the adsorption of harmful gases, effectively improve the living human body recommended

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