Some problems in the management of the store after the year

spring festival such a sales season is over, the store wants to force in the new year, but also need to think about a few questions. In short, the Spring Festival this cigarette sales "bull market" has passed, the busy business also become slow rhythm, habits, earning large quantities of gold each day "People are hurrying to and fro. merchants who have more leisure, might seriously consider a year after the cigarette business, to see what a good experience is worth summarizing, what are the problems to be solved.

1, my family needs to transform the shop?

as the saying goes: people rely on clothes horse saddle. The same applies to the cigarette retail shops, clean, refreshing, standardized image of the store, in the first time to bring a good impression to the customer, naturally will pull more customers. Good image of the store, you need to store the layout on the brain. In the design, the lines should be concise, conform to no conventional pattern. In the layout of the store, to consider many factors, such as the size of the space, how many types of goods, style and function of commodities, the arrangement of light and brightness, channel width degree, cashier position and scale etc..

years after the operation is relatively easy, we may wish to consider whether their own shops need to transform. For this problem, on the one hand, from the reality, to decide on their own, on the other hand, you can listen to the views and suggestions of customer managers and customers. The client manager will constitute elements, standards and other aspects of the overall image of advice from the store, even if does not need a large area of reconstruction, customer manager will guide businesses in cigarette displays prominent front cabinet standardized back cabinet display and vivid display, highlight the well-known cigarette brand center position, strengthen the visual effect, the use of marketing "" the manager recommended, this shop sells "logo, the well-known brand to attract consumers attention quickly. The customer will give reference from the intuitive experience and experience.

2, my home inventory management in place?

said that inventory management, some businesses will confidently say: how much smoke into the sale of how much, are installed in my head, even if not installed, the book also remember it." In fact, inventory installed in the head, in the book is not enough, because inventory management is a small learning. After the Spring Festival, we must look back on their own inventory management is still in need of improvement, there are problems to be improved.

many shops have established ledger, regular inventory, master a variety of goods, inventory movements. For some of the larger shops, the need to use information technology to solve the problem of inventory management. Some places tobacco companies provides a retail terminal information management system, both convenient and practical, we may wish to install the use of scientific management inventory.

use, the first inventory information by the merchant >

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