Tell you a few creative discount strategies

shop business is very common, as the saying goes, to open a shop to keep open business, if it is really good, but also a lot of skills, want good business, discount nature is an indispensable means, but the traditional discount now has no way to attract more consumers, on the contrary, only the truly creative method can make discount shop business better. So, what are the creative discount strategies?

discount, has now been misunderstood and misused by many businesses, has become a real sense of the means of promotion. We can always see some businesses put forward at the end of the year, as at the end of 3 to 50 percent off "clearance". It is not difficult to find that the end of this year is from 2005 until the present in 2007, it is really going to be discounted in the end.

In fact,

discount is a very effective marketing tool, you can quickly improve product sales, widely promote the brand. Use appropriate, the effect of first-class. Here, I propose some more creative discount strategy, for reference only.

1, week break

90 percent off Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,, Thursday, 60 percent off, Friday,,, Saturday, Sunday, 30 percent off.

it is well known that Monday to Thursday is a working day, and the concept of the average person is to go shopping on the weekend, because there will be more time to choose. Now, this week, there will be a part of have the order reversed, changing people’s consumption habits and consumption concept. ESPRIT Monday 90 percent off, NIKE on Tuesday, ADIDAS, Wednesday,,, GUCCI, Thursday, 60 percent off, when you hear these explosive news, you can also stay at home and watch TV?

2, time fold

starts at 6 p.m.. 6 ~ 6:59, ~ 7 ~ 7:59, 8 ~ 8:59 ~ twenty percent off, from 9 to 9:59, ten percent off.

had a meal to go to shopping, 6 fold rate of only forty percent off. This means, will change some people’s consumption concept. We can foresee 6 points after the mall will be immediately full.

3, countdown folding

15 days: the first two, 20 percent off, third, four days and 30 percent off days fourth, 40 percent off, five, sixth, 50 percent off, eighth, seven days, nine days 60 percent off, tenth, eleven days 70 percent off, twelfth, thirteen days 80 percent off, fourteenth, fifteen days 90 percent off.

you may ask, that all people are not waiting for the last two days? Consumers are not stupid, businesses are not stupid. The lower the discount rate of goods, the more boutique. Recommended

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