Open a maternal and child supplies store should pay attention to these possible problems

is now on the market baby products stores gradually increased, each store’s business is not the same, maternal stores entrepreneurial projects is really a big market in recent years is a good choice of business! Because, in recent years has been in a growth peak, very many families to the consumer so ah! And this makes the market demand greatly improved! We can have a good look below for the full range analysis of maternal stores venture

!Analysis of

propaganda concept: cold baby is very normal, but a cold to go to the hospital to spend several hundred dollars, or even thousands of yuan, if we had to give the baby to eat some food or health care products, baby cold and sick probability will be much less. We prefer to spend money on baby food, do not spend money in the hospital! Purchase channels: purchase channels is a key. Auxiliary food and health products can be purchased from the general agent in each place. Average profit: baby food is characterized by fast turnover, profit margins. Average profit of 15% milk powder, health care products in the average profit of around 15-35%.

knowledge base

problems may occur: first, the supply is not adequate (prior to find good suppliers, shop after all efforts should be put in operation, if even for the supply of worry, will affect the stability of the business) have two adverse reactions, some babies after eating. Some babies will appear diarrhea, two or three days after the return to normal, if this continues, it is necessary to ask her mother to go to the hospital for a check (


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