The Obama Hot pot much jiamengfei rice cake

investment project selection Hot pot Myeongdong Obama Hot pot rice cake? How about the food and beverage brands Hot pot rice cake Obama Myungdong? Market prospects? The answer, of course, is yes. The selection of high-quality Hot pot tripe, seafood, rice cake main ingredients, natural spices with stew soup, featured in season vegetables, fresh fish, mushrooms, beans, seaweed and main ingredients together with the small fire to simmer, thick soup, delicious taste and chewy. The Obama jiamengfei Hot pot rice cake is? Facet to introduce.

shop area of 120 square meters

join fee: 50 thousand

rent costs 26 thousand and 400 yuan / month

decoration costs 700 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 90 thousand yuan

raw materials 40 thousand yuan

advertising costs 7000 yuan

opening costs 4000 yuan

staff wages 3000 yuan / month / person (6)

utilities charges 4000 yuan / month

liquidity 130 thousand yuan

total investment costs 403 thousand and 400 yuan

join can also get the following support:

: no profits of chefs, without cumbersome management, open about spending low cost and profit of course fast.

management is simple: the standardization process, the operation of the program, a school will be a look to understand, simple!

century recipe: hundred years of secret material package, selfless dedication, you can become a hundred years old.

training support: the whole process of training, package teaching package will be, home guidance, headquarters training support heart.

through the analysis, we can see that the cost of joining the hot pot or more suitable for investment, is a good brand!

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