The world’s top 100 enterprises in the world’s top 100 companies announced

according to foreign media reports, released research institutions Millward Brown compiled BrandZ latest rankings before the 100 most valuable brand brand value is still far ahead of other brands this year, their total value rose 3% to $3 trillion and 400 billion. The top 10 list of science and technology enterprises, the United States is still the most valuable brand power, China has a list of the top 15 brands.

Google, apple, Microsoft, AT&, T, Facebook, Visa, Amazon, Verizon, McDonald’s, IBM occupy the top 10 seats, the only one of the non technology companies only McDonald’s. In the world’s top 100 brands, there are 15 Chinese brands on the list, more than last year, Tencent ranked eleventh, China Mobile ranked fifteenth, Alibaba ranked eighteenth, to $29 billion 30 million Baidu brand value ranked twenty-ninth in the world, HUAWEI ranked fiftieth in the world with a brand value of $18 billion 652 million, Jingdong with a brand value of $10 billion 496 million in ninety-ninth.

China has 15 list brands

1, Tencent Inc ranked 11, the brand value of $84 billion 945 million.

2, China Mobile ranked 15, brand $55 billion 923 million.

3, Alibaba ranked 18, brand value of $49 billion 298 million.

4, ICBC ranked 27, the brand value of $33 billion 637 million.

5, Baidu Inc ranked 29, the brand value of $29 billion 30 million.

6, Hongkong, Shanghai HSBC ranked 43, the brand value of $20 billion 276 million.

7, China Construction Bank ranked 46, the brand value of $19 billion 617 million.

8, HUAWEI ranked 50, the brand value of $18 billion 652 million.

9, Ping An insurance company ranked 57, the brand value of $16 billion 910 million.

10, China life-insurance company ranked 59, brand value of $16 billion 712 million.

11, Agricultural Bank of China ranked 62, the brand value of $16 billion 331 million.

12, Bank of China ranked 71, brand value 13>

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