Open shop is good Do you make money

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near the community there are some new food stores, providing fresh vegetables for community residents. Open shop is good? Do you have an advantage? In fact, we are very aware of the public demand for vegetables, so it is no doubt that this kind of open shop to make money. Please see the following analysis.

competitive advantage

1, everyone to eat three meals a day is busy, many people want a house can buy food, which is everlasting.

2, if you have a big supermarket around, you don’t have to worry about the competitive pressure. What procedures / precautions to open shop supermarket? The consumption level is not the same, the cost is not the same. Like cucumber, wholesale market if it is 8 hair, you can sell one piece, while the supermarket should be a piece of the three. Similarly, the vegetable market self-employed households more, relatively poor environment, as can be imagined, people will not be willing to cooperate and more willing to enjoy the convenience of at home.

business strategy

Third, apply to the Department of health food hygiene license;

Fourth, to apply for tax registration with the tax authorities.

Shop what procedures / precautions on

? Hint: open shop to join more details, welcome message consultation! We will send the detailed information, quotation, discounts and preferential policies sent to your mobile phone. You first look at the quotation, Atlas, profitability analysis, discount information.

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