t is important to open a good clothing store

there is no good goods, it is difficult to open a shop. Shop sooner or later, especially clothing stores, as long as you have a good source of goods, a good service system, then you will certainly be able to get a quick success shop. Clothing store purchasing skills for the owner, it is important to master!

clothing purchase skills: a direct purchase from the source

1. from the source of stock, reduce turnover links, the minimum purchase price, can puerile, in order to win in the competition.

2. at present, China’s economy determines the level of business only for the mass consumer is the best. In addition to quality, the price is particularly important, when the purchase of goods from the source of goods is obviously reduced costs, product pricing can also be reduced.

3. in the current situation of China’s fake and shoddy goods flooded, from the source of purchase, can guarantee the quality of goods.

4. with the supply of hair after the purchase and sale of the relationship can be long-term stable production and sales, to ensure the supply of goods.

clothing purchase two skills: from a number of incoming

clothing purchase should not only care about the price, while ignoring the quality, this is not to do business well, should pay attention to the following points:

1. strict purchase pass. In the purchase, the purchase of the manufacturers have a preliminary understanding, to understand whether the legitimate business entities.

2. strict inspection of the quality of the manufacturers of goods.

3. purchase, choose at least two more supply units.

clothing purchase skills three: best

What is

for goods selling goods, in addition to itself from the store sales conclusion, but also consider the key commodity flow time, the supply of products in full consideration. Because consumer tastes change faster and more diverse.

1. clothing purchase to find new products, not blindly temporarily purchased a large number of new products, is selling goods, may also be unsalable goods. Should first buy a little less, after the test, do not take up a lot of money.

2. should be fully taken into account in fashion clothing, so as to accurately grasp the number of purchases.

clothing purchase four skills: rely on information stock

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