Fujian to college students in reading school Entrepreneurship

in the national public business, actively call for innovation ", many people began to go on the road of entrepreneurship, but many of us college students facing such opportunities may be missed in the past. The day before, the provincial government issued "several opinions on" promoting the technical innovation ability of colleges and universities, and puts forward a series of scientific research personnel to "deregulation and incentive" policy measures to expand the university scientific research project funds, travel conference, basic construction, scientific research instruments and equipment procurement and other aspects of the management authority, to make money for the people’s creativity active service.

to expand the research and innovation platform of University Science and technology basic construction project management authority, of its own funds, not to apply for scientific research and innovation platform of government investment in the construction of basic construction projects by universities, universities by autonomous decision-making, the competent departments for the record, no longer approve. Five years of construction projects included in the construction of the project is no longer approve the project proposal. The application of government investment on the scientific research and innovation platform for basic construction projects, development and Reform Commission, provincial education department take parallel examination and approval, approval within 15 working days banjie.

in the stimulate innovative research staff to improve financial management, provincial scientific research projects to create vitality, simplify budgeting items, decentralization of authority transfers; improve the proportion of indirect costs of scientific research project, increase the performance incentives; clear labor expenditure range; improve the carryover balance of funds retained treatment.

in promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements transfer in Fujian, in addition to national security, scientific and technological achievements of national interests and major social and public interests, independent colleges and universities decided to transfer its holdings of scientific and technological achievements, without approval or filing, transfer income all belong to the unit. Support the establishment of university technology transfer services specialized agencies, jobs, explore the establishment of University Science and technology broker system, improve the development and achievements of main contribution reward staff share (not less than 50% of the total reward increased to 70%).

business has become a common phenomenon in society, for our students, in reading, now also open policy in Fujian, to take to start their own business plan. In the aspect of strengthening the construction of innovative talents and promote the innovation of university teachers and students, explore the establishment of system of University and chief researcher of the full-time research team, the provincial special funds each year to give talent 300 thousand ~ 500 thousand yuan allowance. The transformation of scientific research personnel of independent research and development results in the province, from business life can be extended from 3 years to 5 years; establish and improve the measures for the administration of the flexible educational system of universities to allow students in reading, school business.

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