Bengbu peacock plan to attract talent to return home

business has now become an epoch theme, at the same time, there are a lot of people have their own business ideas, in Anhui city of Bengbu, it was on the way to vigorously attract some talents, in order to promote the whole society to carry out entrepreneurial activities.

to attract and encourage foreign businessmen in Bengbu, science and technology workers, migrant workers return home employment, Bengbu began to implement   in 2012; the "peacock plan" talent project, through the establishment of equal competition, vibrant entrepreneurial employment mechanism and a full range of business employment service system, and vigorously support the return of talent employment.

in such a public stage, to maximize the implementation of Anhui Bengbu "peacock plan" to attract some ofreturned venture activities, in fact, for the majority of entrepreneurs is also a very important thing, can continue to grow business groups.


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