Several major principles of the promotion of small kitchen

in today’s society, people Home Furnishing life, sanitary products is essential, at the same time, in the process of renovation, sanitary products in great demand, and now the renovation market, there are many bathroom brands, also appeared in the market competition, now open bathroom shop, how to do product promotion.

for the District of different

different promotion strategies

1, according to the construction time subdivision

has been in existence for many years the community, paving materials for more than two buyers decoration, which requires a single user service, in order to achieve the role model. If you have great sales potential, you need to send the installation team to the area, understand the problems of residential tenants have paving materials, and held a forum service, then do product promotion; the new construction area, the huge consumption potential, positioning and promotion can have immediate effect. The actual promotion, should pay attention to by installing households to promote this effort next door neighbours.

2, according to the nature of subdivision

3, by geographical segmentation

discrimination of the surrounding residential district influence the area, in order to determine the layout of peripheral atmosphere promotion efforts.

4, according to the consumption level subdivision

see through the configuration of the cell, such as parking brands, personnel wearing age and routine, you can put the estimated consumption potential will be easily extended as clear as noonday, positioning. Phoenix rhyme company found in the sports area in the District, residents of the daily popularization of sports, such as volleyball, table tennis, timely to participate and provide competition prizes, so you can quickly narrow the distance between the community and consumer groups.

5, competitive breakdown

when the cell activity by multiple competing products is engaged, and do the "Jianghai the fish", as "big fish in the pond". That is, the transfer of energy to other people easily overlooked place, transferred to the intention of the family, individuals, the ideological work of every household to do, do. In improving customer loyalty, but also to consolidate the company’s position in the industry.

6, according to the pursuit of a single time subdivision

for longer periods of time, both the turnover rate is low. To 3 days, 7 days, 15 days for the interval, with telephone, home communication, field demonstrations and other ways to follow up, the success rate will be significantly improved.

7, according to the installation preferences subdivision

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