Mentougou thirty initiatives to support innovation and Entrepreneurship

innovation has now started to become a lot of people are doing things at the same time, the society also appeared a large number of innovative entrepreneurs, recently, Beijing Mentougou launched thirty innovative entrepreneurial initiatives.

with the manufacture of collective relocation, Zhongguancun science and Technology Park in Mentougou will be made of the "golden land", to meet the functional orientation of the capital of science and technology innovation enterprise, the Internet industry as the core, to intelligent manufacturing, health care, energy conservation and environmental protection three industrial support system of "one of the three auxiliary" new industry.

as fast and stable security Industrial Development Park in Mentougou, Zhongguancun will be the implementation of innovative services, talent Park, spatial optimization, and docking facilities to enhance cooperation, organizational security "six major projects", to create a high quality environment for the development of enterprises in the park, a science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship incubator park.

for Small and micro businesses generally the problem of shortage of funds, part of the rent subsidies, subsidies to the park in addition to broadband tariff 50%, also set up R & D grants, major scientific and technological R & D projects can apply for a maximum amount of subsidy of 3 million yuan, the success of the enterprise market financing, can also get a one-time subsidy of up to 2 million yuan.

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