Weekend can adjust the display of goods

any store once the goods have been fixed, the need to adjust every once in a while, can not always be a state, which will naturally have a very big impact on the operation of the store. However, in the display of goods to adjust the time, in fact, also need to pay attention to time. So, the weekend can adjust the display?

a friend to do a high-end brand display supervisor, early entry, her main job is to visit the shop, ask the sales situation, all kinds of products on display, store core customer demand and the old Chen Lieshi previous work etc..

a month later, she understood the situation, decided to do a training of three merchandising company, for a period of one week, from Saturday to Friday, the end. And she also made a call in advance and regional sales manager, told the shop will do some time to adjust the display training, regional managers have expressed support.

on Sunday to her a second city store not long, but received a telephone call from a regional sales manager: "display can not adjust again tomorrow? Today is Sunday, the impact of sales is not good."

friend said: "the manager, you can rest assured that similar things I tried several times, sales will not lead to blink performance decline, you can rest assured that the adjustment of the display is that I will not take to the personnel training, the store clerk; secondly, I will consider convenient clerk to find goods, so you don’t have to worry."

finally anyway, under manager still advised her again in the evening tone display, helpless, she had to take a few Chen Lieshi went to another city, and began training on Monday during the day.

Chen Lieshi asked: "why not let Sunday adjust the display? Isn’t it on Sunday?"

There is a reason why the sales manager in the

area is determined not to make the display on Sunday. Maybe once had a weekend to shop merchandising display adjustment led to the decline in performance experience, or display adjustable display and store staff Sunday uttered unpleasant and so on, anyway, no matter what the reason, this is not a display.

so, would you like to have a display on Sunday?

my experience tells me to try not to go to the store on Sunday for three reasons:

the first weekend, the larger flow of people, especially the mall store, process display, it is difficult to become a greater flow of people, a little careless, may also affect the shop for clothes, they will say you affect their sales, it is a thankless task.

second, >

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