Entrepreneurship should adhere to their choice

is now almost all of the people have not received what setbacks, once there is a problem, often very easy to beat a retreat, and when the peak of the annual business crowds, the final victory is scanty, in fact, the most important is to start their own choice!

2009 college graduates up to 6 million 100 thousand, a new high, coupled with sweeping the global financial tsunami, but also to make the employment situation is grim year after year of college students destined to encounter winter. So, to encourage and support students start their own businesses, self occupation is regarded as an important method to solve the employment predicament.

cruel situation, and looting a symbol like a swarm of bees work jobs, might as well make a job for themselves, their own business when the boss for many students, maybe never thought so, today this is the grim situation due to pressure.