What are the matters needing attention when signing the contract

a legal guarantee of entrepreneurial projects, naturally also need to sign a certain agreement with the headquarters. In other words, choose to join the project and join the Lord, it is necessary to join the headquarters of the contract. But some operators at the time of signing, often ignore the many problems of signing content without careful reading and analysis, resulting in the days after the operation there are many disputes and differences. Here to introduce, and join the headquarters of the signing of the ten notes, I hope you learn a lot.

signed one of the ten matters needing attention: should be required to join the headquarters to show the service mark registration certificate

because of the so-called join, is the headquarters of the brand will be authorized to use the franchise, in other words, the headquarters must first have this brand, in order to authorize the franchise. In other words, the headquarters must first obtain the Central Bureau of standards, issued by the service mark registration certificate. A while ago, is a Chinese restaurant chain system of dispute, the two old system into the downtown Council even bargain, then the losing party was forced to change the brand name, the joint has joined the system stores was renamed, is really how innocent ah! So before joining the franchisee, be sure to confirm that the headquarters does have this brand, in order to join the assured.

signed ten matters needing attention: payment of royalty

generally speaking, the headquarters will be charged to join the three costs, namely the franchise, the right to deposit and margin. The so-called gold, refers to the headquarters in front of the shop to help the franchisee to do the overall planning of the shop, and education and training fees charged. And the right refers to the use of the headquarters of the headquarters of the trademark, as well as the need to pay the cost of goodwill, which is a continuous fee, as long as the store continued to use the headquarters of the trademark, it must be paid on a regular basis. Payment may be made quarterly, quarterly or monthly. As for the margin, it is the headquarters to ensure that the franchisee will indeed perform the contract, and timely payment of fees, etc..

, because of the premium is the persistent charges, some franchisors will at the time of signing a contract requires franchisees opened within the period of full royalty checks, such as a contract for a period of five years, the right to take gold payment, some franchisees will require the headquarters of five years of royalty, a open the five checks to pay headquarters. Later, once the case occurred, a system of franchise shop for two years, because the business is poor and put up the shutters but at the time of signing, early, has opened five Qi royalty cheque to the headquarters.

arguably, behind three years since the trademark, goodwill has been closed shop no longer use the headquarters, and do not need to pay royalties, but the check is still rolling headquarters will have been charged in the bank, and the franchisee, not only lost two years of business, also had to pay for these have been opened out check the amount of! So, join in the total.

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