Kindergarten management can reflect what is not good

no one’s business for no reason at all bad, the same will not be someone’s business for no reason at all on fire, there is a natural reason. For the nursery operators, if the operation is not good, naturally also need a lot of reflection, look for reasons, so as to be able to get a better operation kindergarten. So, the poor management of kindergarten can have what reflection? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

one, when the work is busy

reflection: is not to do what they should not do

The main job of the

is the management of the kindergarten, the basic work is mainly: overall planning, seeking long-term, seeking characteristics, seek event, formulate development plan, optimize the educational environment, hardening management measures, strengthen team building, outstanding innovative thinking, outstanding advanced thinking. The main work is often: when making decision, in close contact with the teacher, to coordinate the relationship between the posts, diligent in learning to read, in-depth investigation and study class. We often hear some principals complain, busy, tired, if the principal is "two open, busy lights", you should check, is not to do their own things not to do? As the principal should be:

is not a reversal of work priorities and do encounter, catch anxious slowdown, work content from the principal point of view has been a lot, if a transaction into a heap, big and small to do, will be picking up the sesame seeds and watermelon;

two is concerned but not interfere in other people in charge of the work, otherwise, not only waste your precious time and energy, it has no ideas, no sense of responsibility and Deputy staff, in turn aggravate their burden;

three is to deal with anything to ask themselves, "the four can not", that is, can not be canceled, can not be combined, can not use a more simple method, can not be handed over to others to do;

four is to learn to do: authorization, empowering, let others actively; assertive, let others do often urge, everything in good order and well arranged; let others responsible; correct guidance, let people willingly do; responsibility, let people feel free to do.

as a principal, we must first understand the characteristics of each staff, respect their own values, and the distribution of attention to It differs from man to man. The principal tasks assigned to subordinate can promote the development of the personality, can bring them a career achievement, realize their self value desire. For those young teachers, they should also be bold enough to let them do some difficult work, and guide them to complete the task independently.

and for those who have a certain work experience of the teacher, should be more difficult than their ability to work

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