More and more farmers’ entrepreneurial path farms things can also loan tickets

rural entrepreneurial resources have a lot of development has a lot of restrictions, as long as there is a policy to help the rich rural resources to dig up, farmers will be more entrepreneurial way.


here, aiming at how to effectively revitalize rural "sleeping resources", by the end of 2014, Sichuan designated Chinese postal savings bank pilot. The postal savings bank of Sichuan branch responsible person, at present, the construction of the water for forest rights, land management rights, the collective management of land use rights, rural housing ownership, economic forest (fruit) right 5 rural property mortgage financing, the effectiveness of the early.

how to effectively revitalize rural "sleeping resources"? Sichuan at the end of 2014, the postal savings bank designated pilot. The pilot areas, many rural property mortgage financing is beginning, at present, the pilot loan amount over 130 million yuan. Things in the field of mortgage loans for millions, I did not expect, things can also be used in the field as a mortgage, which I built greenhouses, buy fertilizer and the transfer of new land is not short of money." Pengshan District, Meishan Guanyin Town Orchard Village Zhang Jiyou said happily.

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