Vice governor of Anhui Yang Zhenchao sacked

With the continuous development of economy, the problem of corruption derived from

is also serious. At present, Yang Zhenchao, vice governor of Anhui sacked, sacked by the incident of Yang Zhenchao, we can also see the party’s anti-corruption crackdown, continue to maintain the fine tradition of the party.

after Chen Weixi, Chen Shili, the west side of the screen, the incumbent vice governor of Anhui Province, Party members Yang Zhenchao, became nearly 20 years since August 1996 fourth Anhui sacked former Secretary of the Huainan municipal committee.

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision Website on May 24, 2016 news release, vice governor of Anhui Yang Zhenchao alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation.

Yang Zhenchao sacked from the central fifth inspection teams stationed in Anhui to carry out inspections back look at the end of less than a month.

at the end of February this year, the central inspection teams in Liaoning, Anhui, Shandong, Hunan Province, launched the first "four back eighteen after the central inspection", including the problems not found the "rediscovery" of not yet in-depth understanding of the "understanding" etc..

in accordance with the previously announced for the four time, the "look back" has been fully completed by the end of April. Although the current look back feedback has not yet been released, but in addition to Hunan, the four provinces, provincial and ministerial level officials have been sacked.

in the original Liaoning Provincial Committee, former Secretary of politics and Law Committee Su Hongzhang sacked after the Central Commission for discipline inspection organ "China discipline inspection report" has issued a document pointed out that the "inspection", not "look back" with a smile ", but the" horse shot. ". This gun, the key point, gun gun see blood."

according to the Anhui political insider, the surging news reporters in the afternoon of May 23rd, after attending the Anhui meeting of the Provincial Standing Committee and Secretary Yang Zhenchao, who was the Commission investigators away, the main problem may be involved during the charge of the province’s state-owned system and Huainan Municipal Committee office.

in the state-owned enterprise system, Anhui had military, tobacco, steel and other areas of corporate executives sacked. In Huainan, in addition to the former Chen Weixi, Chen Shili and Fang Xiping, have sacked, and Yang Zhenchao had to take the team Huainan former mayor Cao Yong, former Huainan Panji district under former Secretary Jiang Changsheng, former mayor Pan Qizhi and other officials of Panji District, has also been investigated in eighteen since the anti-corruption storm.

however, according to a number of informed sources in Huainan, Yang Zhenchao and Cao Yongsu discord. November 2014 Cao Yong was investigated, and even relatives of his permanent residence in Beijing, a long time to report to the relevant departments of Yang Zhenchao disciplinary problems. Also from then on, Anhui politics that Yang Zhenchao may fall rumors.

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