Operating restaurant according to the lot selection type

is now operating more and more restaurants business, if you want to join the army, then you need to know what business skills? Xiao Bian today to share with you in different locations to choose different food and beverage related knowledge, I hope to help you, you can look at the interest.

1. if the operators choose to operate restaurants near the station, the main customer base is the passengers, including workers, students, etc.. In this lot is the most suitable for the establishment of fast food restaurants, and carefully deal with the pricing problem, to be divided into different objects and different. Such as the Chengdu snacks, Lihua Fast Food etc..

2. if the store opened in the company’s concentration area, the main customers for the workers, the purpose of their visit is nothing more than business negotiations or chat. As a result, it is important to consider how many of the restaurants in this area will be able to cope with the rush hour and how to deal with the holidays and weekends. Such as fishing Kyushu (CAFE), xiangeqing, UCC and other high-grade and.

3. if you choose to operate in the school street catering, students are the main customers of this lot. There is no obvious difference between the peak and the light during the day, but the seasonal difference is quite large. Students use the motivation of food and beverage stores, in addition to chat, entertainment, as well as students gathering or reading, etc.. So we must pay attention to the convenience and ready to move tables and chairs, books and magazines. Such as small potatoes, McDonald’s, KFC, etc..

4. if you choose to run a restaurant in the downtown business district, this section is dating, chat, shopping, rest place, of course, is the most appropriate place to open a shop. No matter what kind of shop in this area are more suitable, but have their own characteristics. Such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and all kinds of Western restaurants.

5. if you choose to open a restaurant in the residential area, we must clearly reflect the warmth of the warm and provide fresh and delicious dining. Such as the establishment of bulletin boards, hosting friends, games and other fun activities. As the day Roasted Duck cake shop, etc..

6. if you choose to operate in the outskirts of the restaurant, the restaurant in the lot must be equipped with a parking lot, and to have eye-catching advertising signs. If it is a large restaurant for cheap dinner, provide the characteristic catering will be the site’s business focus. Such as the mansion, tree and other kinds of Chinese style hotel and leisure dining farmyard theme.

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