Zhangzhou fraud to remind you that the sky will be a trap

there are a lot of people have some savings in our life, in order to make these idle money to work, some old people would choose to deposit in a bank, others will buy financial products, but everyone in the purchase of financial products, must be very careful when don’t lie. Deposit 10 thousand yuan, every month there are interest of $150, the end of the year can receive additional dividends. Recently, the Zhangzhou Public Security Bureau cracked a fraud case in Longwen, arrested 5 suspects, and the victims are elderly.

sun uncle more than and 70 years old at the beginning of the year, he heard a friend say, Zhangzhou Wanda office there is a "Shanghai German Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. Zhangzhou branch", as long as the company is 10 thousand yuan per month will receive 150 yuan of interest, a year after the month interest rates will rise to 200 yuan.

sun uncle has to pay 80 thousand yuan for gospel truth. Every time to pay, the staff said the company credit card machine is broken, cash only, sun uncle will take money to the bank to pay.

4 30, the company went to sun uncle’s bank card import interest of $1200. But only a few days, the sun uncle heard the boss ran, sun uncle hurried to the scene to see, it is empty. Uncle sun and other victims quickly reported the matter.

according to the Longwen Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade captain Lin introduced, they began to alarm had received more than 80 people in June 16th, said Wanda office, a company with equity transfer finance the name of defrauding funds. The "German company" for more than 70 people a total of about 2500000 yuan.

after receiving the alarm, they immediately formed a task force to investigate, and ultimately were arrested in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shandong, 5 major suspects, and handed over to Longwen procuratorate prosecution. Other suspects are still further arrest.

Zhangzhou fraud alerts you out of the sky will only be a trap, we hope that the majority of older friends when financial, not blindly covet the so-called high-yield, so as to let yourself fall into the trap of scammers, make their money has suffered tremendous losses. At the same time, the police reminded the elderly, strangers to talk about money matters do not bother, and more to discuss with their children, manage their money bags.

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