Traffic environment is the key to store location

is now a lot of people know the shop should be slightly a bustling area, however, where is the downtown is very easy to traffic jams, but in this environment, who would like to go shopping? So, to open a good shop, convenient transportation is an essential condition.

site to try to avoid in those street back alley traffic inconvenience, this kind of place, a traffic underdeveloped, poor road conditions; second is less flow, is not conducive to doing business in the shop. In this era of modern transportation is very developed, many people like to walk in the open terrain of the road, some people prefer to take a few steps do not want to go crowded alley.

there is a negative factor is small because the back lane roads, during the rush hour, it is easy to cause the traffic jam, then, in a hurry to depart the people, nor the time to shopping, resulting in the loss of business. I think, to choose a good location, one should choose in the open area in front of the residents, here is the flow of people is relatively concentrated, the comings and goings of the residents, it is easy to stop to buy goods, here at the same time, residential consumers, no worries about the source.

then selected locations to choose a less side roadblock. The main road Downtown City Township, in order to facilitate the management, the sidewalks, driveways, non motorized vehicles with barricades, due to the small belt, you want to shop in here, because of this inconvenience, can lose sales opportunities.

at the same time, do not open the shop near the traffic lights at the crossroads, especially some of the small shops are small. Because here, pedestrians in order to cross the road, and thus focus on the vehicle or other traffic to avoid pedestrians, while ignoring the side of the shop. As consumers should have this kind of psychological, wait until the end of the road, the mood to relax when you want to shop, you have missed the shop.


, my small supermarket business is booming, not far away from me because there are two large state-owned enterprises, at the end of the day, is my sales peak here, the main object of customer is the two workers in the factory. Later, because there is a large flow of people, taking into account the employees to work safety, the municipal authorities set up a fence on the road, the purpose is to motor vehicles, non motor vehicles, pedestrian and commercial separates, after this isolation, pedestrians should think I shop to buy goods, to around more than and 100 meters away to export to come back to me, because many customers do not feel convenient, although the commodity economy, but few here shopping, suddenly lost a lot of business.

later, on the back of my shop, has developed a new residential area, just the door here, in order to district residents out of convenience, open and the import and export here, due to my.

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