How to open the ladies shop

In addition to the promotion of

skills, decoration taste and the level of shopping guide, in fact, directly linked to the success of the clothing sales is the quality of the product, so the quality of the purchase of the high or low requirements. Especially for women’s clothing store to open stores, the purchase will have a direct impact on the quality of the sales, what is good, depending on local sales and good goods, is not necessarily a good sales of goods, good style is not necessarily suitable for your local consumption, judge standard or reference the local consumption level and your target population, how to purchase the goods, on the following points.

into Haozhuan the style

The beautiful is not always suitable for

* supplier is good, but they are not the most beautiful. The dress is the most beautiful wedding. Looking for a beautiful dress to find a wedding company.

. I have grade. They don’t look good, unless you make international brands. Have a taste of the sister, you will die very ugly. A grade of the sister, often losing money earned crying.


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