From the brand men’s discount benefit small profits is the key

when the women’s clothing and children’s clothing market is full of a lot of disorderly competition, the men’s market is a small step forward. The men’s brand discount store because of preferential prices, reliable quality, rich category and popular male consumers, while its booming scene is told countless entrepreneurs, business opportunities here bursting. In fact, there are a lot of investment entrepreneurs to wait and see or even skeptical attitude, still questioning the way men earn money in the brand men’s discount store. Now to solve business and Profit Secrets brand men’s discount stores.

brand menswear industry discount the biggest competitive advantage is high quality and inexpensive. In fact, the discount store is only one of the secrets of low prices: abandon channel. Many discount stores have their own buyers, specifically to go abroad for procurement. As a result of not through the agent, the procurement cost is much lower than the original, which the difference, they are given to consumers. One of the secrets of a discount store is to buy from the manufacturer. The price of the goods may be less than 60 percent off of the market price.

discount and supply of clothing industry manufacturers due to processing orders, inventory goods, Potter, regret a single goods, its price is less than half the cost of production, it is a non – profit.

2 Tips: profit wealth

brand discount chain accelerated circulation with low buy low sell way, although just profit, but wins in a large quantity and scale of its agents face consumers, even if the price is very low, also have profit space. Because the brand fashion workmanship, style and fabric is very strong, people can use less money to buy their own brand of clothing, but also enjoyable. On the other hand, the rapid flow of commodity styles but also encourage consumers to produce psychological expectations for the discount store, to stimulate enthusiasm for treasure. So, often go to the discount store shopping, often with an unexpected surprise.

most to discount stores to buy brand men’s clothing consumers are directed to high quality and low price, so the choice of puerile measures is correct. With the shock of the price to attract and fixed consumer groups, with puerile profit model to create benefit, this is all recommended

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